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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Night Special

BY FANTASY BOYZ EDITOR IN CHIEF COREY BUGENHAGEN   The playoffs are under way people.  The excitement is in the air and we wanted to start this party off right by giving you the Thursday night rankings in the matchup between the Stillers and Browns.  We don’t anticipate this being much of a game but we do know there are some players in this game that are intrical to many team’s playoff lives.  Rashard Mendenhaul is a FANTASY BOYZ play of the week in this matchup with that piece of swiss cheese the Browns call a run defense.   We also think that Big Ben will work in some bombs to our boy Mike Wallace as well.  When looking at the Browns in this one we say YUCKKKKK.  No one on the Browns is worthy of a playoff start in our most expert of opinions.  Please steer clear and good luck tonight!!!

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