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Monday, October 31, 2011


By Corey Bugenhagen Fantazy Boyz editor in Chief

It seems like going into every week I think there is absolutely no one left available on the waiver wire.  Then every week some new names pop up from out of no where and force their way into our weekly waiver wire report.  We here at Fantasy Boyz Sports like to focus more on the names that might not be very well publicized.  Since we are used to playing in larger leagues (14 man+) with large roster limits the outskirts of the player pool are where we make our money. 

As always we appreciate your support and urge you to hit us up on Twitter at @coreyb3p, @fantasyboyzspor, or @dbystrak

Lance Ball - With Willis McGahee out with a broken hand for what looks like at least 1 more game Ball made the most of his opportunity with 63 yards on only 6 carries.  Adding Ball is really scraping the bottom of the barrel but he is someone to keep an eye on for sure.

Monitor in larger leagues

Kregg Lumpkin - With LaGarette Blount banged up and backup Earnest Graham out for the year Lumpkin is sitting in a very precarious situation.  Blount will most likely return this week but at the very least Lumpkin is the next man in, were he to go down with injury.

Consider adding if you are a Blount owner

Javon Ringer - What the hell is wrong with Chris Johnson?  Are the thousand dollar bills weighing him down?  Either way Ringer is starting to get a shared amount of carries.  He had 14 last week and over 60 yards.  If Johnson doesn't get his shit together we feel Ringer will start winning the share.

Johnson owners should add and monitor him in larger leagues if said Johnson owner hasn't cuffed his 1st round pick

Emmanuel Sanders -  With Hines Ward out Sanders got the start and did not disappoint with 5 Grabs for 70 yards.  Sanders seems to be have the eye of Big Ben on underneath routes.

We feel that Sanders starting gig could stick
Add in larger leagues

John Baldwin - This article was written in the first half of the Monday Night Football.  that was all I needed to see to understand that Baldwin is a special talent that could really be special in the second half IFFFF and that is a big if this chronically bad attitude having young wideout can be a good boy.

Consider adding larger leagues

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Week 8 brings us Byes to some of the top performers in all of Fantasy Football, including the #1 player in the game in Aaron Rodgers.  As we do each and every week FANTASY BOYZ SPORTS gives analysis of all players of relevance on EVERY team.  Please use these rankings to formulate your lineups.  We decided to wait until Saturday to post the rankings as we wanted to get a clearer picture of injury concerns.

As always we appreciate  your support and urge you to join the site above.

For last minute lineup questions hit us up on twitter at @coreyb3p

Friday, October 28, 2011

WEEK 8 MAILBAG........

By David B. Fantasy Boyz contributor

So the mailbag was a bit light this week but we figured we would answer the few questions that did come through.  Since the bag was light(thats what she said) we decided against a video.  The questions were answered by one of the Fantasy Boyz lead contributors David B.

Remember we are available for questions at and at twitter by TWEETING @coreyb3p or @fantasyboyzspor

We appreciate your support and as always ask that you join the site above.
First question comes from UTM in Massachusetts 

Gostkowski or Bailey as Kickers who should I go with?

Please don't ever ask me about kickers again....NEXT!!!
Fantasy Boyz edit.....  David B. does not answer kicker question but as editor in chief I say go Gostkowski my friend
The next couple questions comes from Mike in Boston
Is Shiancoe a solid TE going forward with a rookie QB?

Ponder doesn't look too shabby, and you can always count on that safety net TE with a rookie QB.  A lot depends on the size of your league.  I think of him a very solid bye week fill in, probably only a starter if your league is 14 teams

Is it safe to expect 5-8 pts from Maurice Morris?

5-8 points EASY in a PPR...... 50/50 if no PPR
The Next one is from Charles in Springville
With a lot of players on the bye I have only one situation to work through. Michael Jenkins or Montario Hardesty for a W/R spot? I could go through the waiver wire but didn't notice any players that were appealing.

Go figure...Percy is hurt again.  I like Jenkins in PPR, Hardesty  if there is no PPR

The Final Questions are from Roscoe in New York
Start 3:

Ray Rice, Freddy Jackson, DeMarco Murray, Roy Helu, Delone Carter, Bernard Scott

EASIEST question of the day.  RR,FJ,DM...Money in the bank!!

Start 4:

Dez Bryant, Marques Colston, Sidney Rice, Michael Crabtree, Mike Thomas, David Nelson

Dez, Colston, Crabtree, and Rice.  The first 3 were no brainers, and despite the fact I hate Seattles O, Rice is the superior talent

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WEEK 8 WAIVER WIRE.....................

By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Another week in the books and more no names are popping up on our fantasy football radars.  Again as we have harped on for weeks now this is when fantasy championships are won.  You can't afford to punt on a week when you have a lot of guys on Bye.  You must be looking to improve your lineup at all times.  Below are some players that you would want to either add immediately or keep a close eye on.

Alfonso Smith -   With Beanie Wells hurt AGAIN the Cardinals will look to Smith to carry the lead back role.  He did score a TD last week.  RBs are at a premium this time of the year so getting a starting back even for just a few weeks is tough to do.  The unfortunate part is the Cards are playing the Ravens.  All hope is not lost though.  MJD was able to break 100 yards on Monday

Should be owned in larger leagues
Starting RB available in week 8?  Where do we sign up??

Dezmon Briscoe - Seems like every week we see a different Tampa wide out as a player to watch on the free agent front.  This week's addition is Briscoe.   He was targeted 10 times last week VS the bears and did come down with TD grab.  We don't recommend running out to grab him but certainly keep an eye on him.

Keep and eye on in larger leagues

Jason Hill - In what was an almost non existent passing attack Monday was a decent performance from Hill.  While he didn't get into the end zone he did get 62 yards on 4 grabs.  Hill seems to have some upside and if Gabbert progresses in the second half of the season we feel like he is a guy that could help your roster. 

Monitor in larger leagues

Michael Jenkins - Had 3 grabs for 111 yards and a TD.  Could have easily had 2 TDs but it was called back as officials said he was down at the 1.  Jenkins appears like he has the eye of Ponder and is definitely someone we would add to our roster.

Should be owned in larger leagues

Demaryius Thomas - The former first rounder caught a TD in his first action of the season.  With the trade of Brandon Lloyd we foresee Thomas getting more looks in the second half of the season.  With Tebow under center the Broncos are certainly not going to be passing the hell out of the ball but Thomas has talent and Tebow will look his way.

Monitor in larger leagues

Harry Douglas - Had another decent game with a total of 57 yards.  While he didn't get into the end zone he has been a factor with Julio Jones out of the lineup.

Monitor in larger leagues

Visanthe Shiancoe - Shank has been virtually a ghost with Mcnabb under center but with the rookie Christian Ponder under center he had one of his best games of the season capped off with a 2 yard TD catch.  We feel Shank is a good add to fantasy rosters as the rook will look his way often

Add in larger leagues
Ponder and his new left hand man.... ADD EM

Daniel Fells - Another Bronco that we feel will get more looks with Jesus Tebow under center.  Fells seems to be a favorite target of the young savior and that showed on the teams second TD drive Sunday. 

Monitor in larger leagues

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We took a lot of flak for our last week starts and sits.   This week we hope to get back on track.  There are some starts we really like this week such as Beanie Wells, Ryan Mathews, and Tim Tebow, and there are some real stinkers such as Kevin Kolb, Vincent Jackson, and MJD.  Please feel free to comment below and don't hesitate to join the site.

The FANTASY BOYZ will be available leading up to kickoff tomorrow and can be reached via Twitter by hitting up @coreyb3p .  Look forward to hearing from you.

Here is the video version........

Thursday, October 20, 2011

WEEK 7 RANKINGS............

So week 7 is upon us people. There are some real intriguing matchups throughout the league.  One of which is Tim Tebow day down in Miami Florida.  One would think that for a day devoted to a particular player on a team that player would actually be on the home team, but since Miami has the worst home fans in all of football that isnt the case.  The Tebow debate has been raging on and on at the FANTASY BOYZ official message board housed on .  We hope our advice is helpful this week and as always please join our site at the right hand side of the site.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Welcome to week 7 folks.  We here at Fantasy Boyz sports hope you are right in the thick of your playoff hunt.  Even if you are on the outside looking in we are assuming many of you are experiencing the Bye week blues.  Below are a few players that might be able to help remedy that situation for you at least for a week anyway.

Carson Palmer - This one is a complete shot in the dark but there is word out of Oakland that they are putting on a full court press to obtain Palmer's services now that Jason Campbell is most likely out for the season.

Monitor in larger QB driven leagues

Demarco Murray - With Felix Jones out at least 2 weeks, but probably 4 Murray becomes the hottest commodity out there on your waiver wire.  The rookie out of Oklahoma filled in nicely in New England and has the upside to make a name for himself.

Should be owned on larger leagues

Arrelious Benn - Only had 3 receptions Sunday but made them count with a 65 yard score.  Benn hasn't been spectacular all season but appears to be gaining some looks from Stafford.

Monitor in larger leagues

Jerome Simpson - It appears being a large volume pot dealer doesn't cramp your ability to play in the NFL.  Simpson went over 100 yards for the second time this season.  No a Bye week replacement this week though as Bengals are on a Bye.

Should be owned in larger leagues

Jake Ballard - The bulky Ballard is really turning some heads of late in the Big Apple.  He has gone over 70 yards the past 2 seasons and Eli is looking his way often..

Should be owned in larger leagues

Saturday, October 15, 2011


by FANTASY BOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Week 6 is upon us and I have already given you my full set of rankings so you should be happy with that BUT NO I am going to give you that little extra taste you were looking for with my week 6 Starts and Sits.  This week I decided to create a video AAANNNNND put it in article form for those Video haters that I chronicled in my weekly mailbag video.

One thing to keep in mind with doing these rankings are first they are in no particular order and second it is hard as hell to be flawless at this.  Every week you are going to sit some guys you should have started and vice-verse.  Keep in mind when making these decisions I take into account the rankings of the defenses these players are playing with, along with other factors such as recent injuries to said player and defense they are playing, and finally my gut.

Below are a list of the players in no particular order.  Please check out the video as well.


Friday, October 14, 2011

WEEK 6 RANKINGS.........

So we are starting to get into the nitty gritty of your season. The playoff races are on and the trash talking has begun. This will be our sixth installment of Rankings and it is actually hard to believe we are already over a quarter way through the season. We here at Fantasy Boyz Sports urge you to use our rankings to help you kick the rest of your league's ass. We also urge you to interact in the below comments field and through email at  We want to know how you are doing and what you like and dislike with our rankings and the site in general.  This weeks rankings also marks our first in what we hope is a great partnership with .  We look forward to the additional traffic and site interaction.  The Billszone is the #1 Buffalo Bills fan board on the internet.

Monday, October 10, 2011


By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen 

You might think that there is no one else left out there on the waiver wire.  Well you are wrong my friends.  There is still talent out there and I want you to add it to your rosters dammit.

Tim Tebow - Word out of the mile high city is God Almighty is really contemplating whether or not his son will be allowed to start for John Fox in Week 6.  Yeah we know he throws weird, but he also scores points.  We like his prospects going forward.

Should be owned in larger leagues
Can Super Tebow save a Fantasy owners day?

Charlie Whitehurst - Whitehurst looked good in relief of an injured Tavaris Jackson, engineering a late victory in the meadowlands.  With Jackson's week 7 status uncertain you may want to monitor this situation

Keep an eye on in the deepest of leagues

Jackie Battle - With 119 yards on 19 carries this virtually unknown 28 year old is being talked about at water coolers around the country.  With McCluster more of a receiver and T Jones old as shit we think Battle could get more more and more looks.

Worth owning in larger leagues      

Darrius Heyward-Bay - 2 straight big weeks from this former first round speedster.  This could be the start of something....Probably not but keep an eye on him for sure.

Keep an Eye on in larger leagues

Damian Williams - TD in 2 straight is very encouraging.  Could he be the full time replacement for Kenny Britt.

Keep an eye out in larger leagues

                                                                       This Video has nothing to do with Fantasy but it is funny as shit.

Monday, October 3, 2011


By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Well your waiver wire is probably picked pretty damn clean by now you should always be on top of who is out there and how they may be able to help your roster.  Below are some players who have been making some plays and might be able to contribute to your team if injuries start creeping in.

Tavaris Jackson - He looked like complete shit in his previous two games before Sunday's matchup, but really put up an All Pro performance.  While we aren't sure he will produce on a consistent level QB pickings are very slim this point.

Worth a look in larger leagues

Doug Baldwin -  Baldwin has quietly produced under the radar in Seattle and appears to be gaining rapport with Tavaris Jackson.  Sunday he had 5 catches for 84 yards, his second game over 80 yards on this young season.

Worth a look in all leagues

Brandon Lafell - Word out of Carolina is that Lafell may take over as the #2 wide out.  While his numbers haven't been earth shattering you would want to monitor Lafell's roster status as Newton is tossing the ball all over the damn place.

Worth a look in all leagues

Kevin Walter - He did NOTHING Sunday but with Andre Johnson going down with what appeared to be a sniper shot to his leg Schaub has to throw to somebody.  Keep an eye on Walter.

Worth a look in all leagues

Jermaine Gresham - The young TE had an acrobatic TD catch this Sunday and appears to be Dalton's #2 target.  We foresee Gresham taking off as Dalton gains EXP.

Worth an add in larger leagues

Kevin Boss - Boss is back and was in business Sunday with 4 grabs for 78 yards.  With Pickings slim at TE Boss is certainly a player that will get chances.

Worth a look in all leagues

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Submitted by Fantasy Boyz Editor and Chief Corey Bugenhagen 

Listen up people you can't just set your lineup before you head out to drink your sorrows away.  You have to actually pay attention leading up to the games and be ready to pull out one of your stud players.

Beanie Wells (Hammy) - Likely to play but could be limited.  Make sure to take a look closer to game-time.

Daniel Thomas (Hammy) - Officially OUT.  Don't be the dumb ass in your league to play a guy who is listed out on Thursday.

Roddy White (Quad) - This injury seems to be flying under the radar but since I have this son of a bitch in all my leagues I am extra concerned.  He did practice on Friday but on a limited basis.  He should play but do keep an eye out early tomorrow afternoon.

Stevie Johnson (Groin) - Stevie practices in full Friday and is good to go against the Bungles.  Look for a great game.

Peyton Hillis (Sore Throat) - Hillis hit Rite Aid and picked up some Sucrets so he should be set to go this sunday.

Dez Bryant (Thigh) - Bryant was very limited all week in practice.  Even if he does play he is in danger of not even finishing the game.

Tony Romo (Ribs) - Questionable but will play.  Might not have any receivers to throw to though.

Knowshon Moreno (Hammy) - Probable but facing a great rush defense.  Look for better options.

Arian Foster (Hammy) - My God people stretch out these hammys.  Foster should finally be inserted and produce top 5 numbers like where you drafted him.

Marques Colston (Collar bone) - Questionable but Saints are saying he will most likely play.  Probably not his normal amount of snaps however.

Mario Manningham (Concussed) - Likely to play and does have a nice match up.

Hakeem Nicks (Knee) - Will be in lineup and look for this young phenom to produce big numbers.

Mike Vick (Hand) - Turns out the Xrays on Vicks hand were way off.  He went from out for 4 weeks to a must start VS San Fran.

Mike Wallace (Rib) - Wallace is good to go and will be running fly patterns at will Sunday.

Ryan Matthews (Foot) - Practiced in full Friday and he is a go.  Get him in your lineup.

Vincent Jackson (Abdominal) - Not quite as certain as Matthews to play.  Monitor him at game time and be ready to replace him.

Frank Gore (Ankle) - The off injured Gore is going to be really limited even if he does play.  If you have another option roll with it.

Steven Jackson (Quad) - Should get back in the mix this week.  Start accordingly.


This week marks the Fantasy Boyz 4th edition to their rankings report.  We are really looking for feedback from the readers as to your thoughts.  Feel free to Join the site(Free of charge) and leave comments below each rankings list or story.  Good luck in week 4........


Every week the Fantasy Boyz dip into their mailbag to answer some of the more important Fantasy questions on your mind.
From Chris in Buffalo:
Big Ben @ Houston  Or Cutler VS Carolina?

Big Ben to Wallace all day long in a shootout!  Neither team has a good line, but I just think Ben has better weapons

From Elayas in Sao Paulo Brazil:
It's been three weeks so far and I still can't pick the QB that ends
up with the higher points. Same goes for TE.
This week M.Ryan (@SEA) over J.Flacco (NYJ) is as sure as it gets, right?
How about TE: D.Keller (@BAL) over O.Daniels (PIT)?

Flacco vs Jets?  I hope you know what to do here ( PSSSST.... Stay away from QBs facing the Jets DBs)
Keller vs Daniels? I would go with Keller.  Keller means more to Sanchez then Daniels means to Schaub

From Mike in Boston:
Greg Olson or Fred Davis at TE?

Despite a slow week 3, Fred Davis is the REAL DEAL
Kendall Hunter, Donald Jones or Victor Cruz at Flex? (I am starting
Fitzpatrick over Big Ben)

If Gore is out its Kendal all the way.  If Manningham sits then go with Cruz.  If Gore and Manningham play, go with Donald Jones

From PSUbills62 in Indiana:
I've already got Bernard Scott. I'm looking to drop Reggie Bush and
Mike Sims-Walker and pick up a couple of guys who can really help me
this week. I do have Frank Gore, so Hunter might be a good idea.

I'm looking at:

Kendall Hunter
Ryan Grant (available in our league - seems like maybe a no-brainer,
but he was on the downhill before this week, and now injured) Nate
Washington Denarius Moore Torrey Smith Julio Jones
Who do you suggest?

Kendal Hunter is the safest move with Gore, and Grant has some long term value with his coach saying he will get the ball more..... But if you are looking for help just this week I say Washington.  He is the only WR left, and will become Hasselbecks top target.


 Jimmy Graham @ Jax or Vernon Davis @ Philly?

VD is an ELITE talent (Go Terps), however I think Grahams match up plus the O he plays in gives him the edge.