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Friday, October 28, 2011

WEEK 8 MAILBAG........

By David B. Fantasy Boyz contributor

So the mailbag was a bit light this week but we figured we would answer the few questions that did come through.  Since the bag was light(thats what she said) we decided against a video.  The questions were answered by one of the Fantasy Boyz lead contributors David B.

Remember we are available for questions at and at twitter by TWEETING @coreyb3p or @fantasyboyzspor

We appreciate your support and as always ask that you join the site above.
First question comes from UTM in Massachusetts 

Gostkowski or Bailey as Kickers who should I go with?

Please don't ever ask me about kickers again....NEXT!!!
Fantasy Boyz edit.....  David B. does not answer kicker question but as editor in chief I say go Gostkowski my friend
The next couple questions comes from Mike in Boston
Is Shiancoe a solid TE going forward with a rookie QB?

Ponder doesn't look too shabby, and you can always count on that safety net TE with a rookie QB.  A lot depends on the size of your league.  I think of him a very solid bye week fill in, probably only a starter if your league is 14 teams

Is it safe to expect 5-8 pts from Maurice Morris?

5-8 points EASY in a PPR...... 50/50 if no PPR
The Next one is from Charles in Springville
With a lot of players on the bye I have only one situation to work through. Michael Jenkins or Montario Hardesty for a W/R spot? I could go through the waiver wire but didn't notice any players that were appealing.

Go figure...Percy is hurt again.  I like Jenkins in PPR, Hardesty  if there is no PPR

The Final Questions are from Roscoe in New York
Start 3:

Ray Rice, Freddy Jackson, DeMarco Murray, Roy Helu, Delone Carter, Bernard Scott

EASIEST question of the day.  RR,FJ,DM...Money in the bank!!

Start 4:

Dez Bryant, Marques Colston, Sidney Rice, Michael Crabtree, Mike Thomas, David Nelson

Dez, Colston, Crabtree, and Rice.  The first 3 were no brainers, and despite the fact I hate Seattles O, Rice is the superior talent

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