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Saturday, October 15, 2011


by FANTASY BOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Week 6 is upon us and I have already given you my full set of rankings so you should be happy with that BUT NO I am going to give you that little extra taste you were looking for with my week 6 Starts and Sits.  This week I decided to create a video AAANNNNND put it in article form for those Video haters that I chronicled in my weekly mailbag video.

One thing to keep in mind with doing these rankings are first they are in no particular order and second it is hard as hell to be flawless at this.  Every week you are going to sit some guys you should have started and vice-verse.  Keep in mind when making these decisions I take into account the rankings of the defenses these players are playing with, along with other factors such as recent injuries to said player and defense they are playing, and finally my gut.

Below are a list of the players in no particular order.  Please check out the video as well.


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