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Wednesday, November 30, 2011



Hello Fantasy friends we have yet another Thursday night affair this week with the match-up between the Seahawks and Eagles.  This match-up is full of injuries with Mike Vick, Jeremy Maclin, and Sidney Rice all ruled out already.  Players like Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, and Vince Young all are viable options.  Make sure to get your lineups in order and your weekly waiver selections to your commissioner

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 13 Waiver Wire report

By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen
Week 13 is generally the last week of the season in most standard Fantasy Football leagues.  Many of said leagues also do not allow waiver selections once the week is over.  With that being said we advise that you do a quick inventory of your lineup to ensure you have everything in order.  Make sure you have proper backups at all positions including Kicker and Tight End.  There are still quality players on the wire GO GET THEM!!!!
For direct questions twitter us at @coreyb3p
Smith is a starter in Buffalo
TJ Yates - Yates is currently the starting QB for an offense with as many weapons as almost any other in the NFL.  If you were a Schaub owner and are in dire straights he is worth a look.

Consider only in the most dire of QB straights

Jake Delhomme - Delhomme was signed today by the Texans and we would not be surprised at all to see Delhomme starting before years end.  Again if you are in dire straights at your backup QB situation take a shot

Consider only in the most dire of QB straights

Marion Barber - With Cutler out the Bears are going to run the shit out of the ball.  Barber who has always been a TD Vulture had 10 carries for 63 yards.  Decent numbers to find on your waiver wire this time of the year

Add in larger leagues

Donald Brown - With Addai injured pretty much every week it appears Brown has assumed the lead back role in Indy.  He isn't going to light it up but 75 and a TD is not out of the question.

Add in larger leagues

John Kuhn - Kuhn doesn't accumulate any yardage totals but does score a TD every now and again

Worth a look in large TD heavy leagues

Johnny Knox - Knox had done little on the season until Sunday's 100 yard and a TD game.  It appears he may have rapport with Hanie and is someone to look at when bolstering your playoff roster

Add in larger leagues

Riley Cooper - Cooper was buried on the Eagles depth chart until Vince Young took the reigns at QB.  With Young Cooper has flourished with over 170 yards in 2 games.  With Young looking like he will start again this week Cooper is a sneaky Flex PPR play.

Add in larger leagues

Gregg Little - Little scored his first TD of the season Sunday and is clearly the Top option at WR in Cleveland.  Solid playoff depth.

Add in larger leagues

Brad Smith - With the Bills decimated by injuries at WR Smith stepped in nicely and appears to be the new #2 in Buffalo.  Smith could flourish in Buffalo's quick slant passing game.

Add in larger leagues

Jacob Tamme - With Clark out of the lineup Tamme is getting a healthy share of targets.  Could be a good playoff depth player at tight end.

Worth a look in larger leagues

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 12 Injuries


Hello again readers.  Please for the love of God take a look at the below list of players and make sure your lineup is set accordingly.  We have come way too far together to give up now!!!!
Johnson is FINALLY BACK!!!
Peyton Hillis - ACTIVE
Percy Harvin - ACTIVE
Kevin Kolb - OUT
Jeremy Maclin - Likely OUT
Denarius Moore - Questionable
Mike Vick - Likely OUT
Julio Jones - ACTIVE
Matt Hasslebeck - ACTIVE
Shonne Greene -  ACTIVE
Beanie Wells - ACTIVE
Andre Johnson - ACTIVE
A.J. Green - ACTIVE

Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 12 Rankings


We hope your Thanksgiving holiday is going well and hope that you have recovered from your food and booze comas in time to get your lineups in order for Sunday.   Thursday brought us some great football action, and we hope the trend continues with the rest of the weeks games.  We hope your teams aren't weathering the unfortunate loss of Fred Jackson or the likely loss of Adrian Peterson.  If you were reading our Waiver Wire report though you are prepared with CJ Spiller and Toby Gerhart.

As always if you need any immediate answers to your questions hit us up on Twitter at @coreyb3p or @dbystrak

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 12 Thursday Special


With week 12 starting on Turkey Day we have put together a Thanksgiving day treat for you by ranking the days three games.  These games feature some of the biggest names in fantasy football in Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, and Ray Rice.  Make sure you have updated your lineups accordingly.

We here at Fantasy Boyz Sports wish you a great day of eating and drinking to excess and watching football.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Week 12 Waiver Wire Report

Can Matt Leinart save your fantasy season?

Wow what a difference a week makes on the free agent front.  With so many injuries to starting caliber players it opens the door for their backup to make a difference on the field and in your fantasy lineups.  The injuries have ranged from Jay Cutler, and Matt Schaub being virtually out for the year to Adrian Peterson and Fred Jackson to being possible game time decisions.  This is where a season could be made or broken.  Stay on top of it readers!!!

For any urgent questions please contact us on twitter at @coreyb3p or @dbystrak

Matt Leinart- With Schaub certainly out for the rest of the fantasy football season Leinart is a hot commodity for not only Schaub owners but for teams that are thin at the QB position.  Leinart never really panned out in the desert but he was able to get the ball to Boldin and Fitzgerald.

Add in all formats

Caleb Hanie-  With Cutler also out for at least 6 weeks the Bears will initially turn to Hanie.  With no starts under his belt we are unsure if he will produce anything of substance.

Worth an add for Cutler owners who are thin at their backup position

Kyle Orton-  With Orton just released from the Broncos word out of Chicago is that the Bears are putting in a claim for their former signal caller.  This news is an intriguing development.  If you are a Cutler owner we feel like Orton is the guy to get.  While Hanie probably gets a start or two while Orton learns the offense we don't feel like he will be the guy long term.

The real guy to add for Cutler owners

Matt Moore-  It seems like a late season surge on quarterback is going down.  This can't be the same Matt Moore that lead the Carolina Panthers to the top overall pick last year is it?  Well Moore had another great Sunday and you could really do worse as an emergency QB.

Worth an add in larger leagues

Kevin Smith-  Say hello to the hottest add in Fantasy Football this week.  From civilian cloths to absolutely EXPLODING last week Smith is sure to get a bunch of carries until he proves it was a fluke.  We don't believe he will continue to put up numbers like last week but certainly is someone we would add to our roster.

Add in all formats

Toby Gerhart-  Well AP says that he is playing this week but is he really going to be able to with a high ankle sprain?  We doubt it.  Add Gerhart if you are an AP owner or need a one week play at running back.

Add for AP owners

CJ Spiller-  Fred Jackson sustained a calf injury in the second half of last weeks game and did not return.  While we feel that Jackson's injury is less severe and he probably has a better chance to play than Peterson you may want to take precautions just in case.  Spiller has been a complete bust thus far in his career but has the ability to bust a long run at any time.

Worth a look for Jackson owners

Joe McKnight-  With another injury to a top RB in Shonne Greene McKnight came and produced over 120 yards from scrimmage.  With Greene still banged up this week we advocate adding McKnight if you have a need at running back.

Worth and add for Greene owners

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Playoff Push Preparation

Hello readers the playoff push is here and it is time to get prepared for your upcoming fantasy playoffs. With the help of Fantasy Boyz Sports we hope that you have already clinched that playoff berth but your work is not done yet.  There are still some things you need to take care of to complete your lineup.  In the world of Fantasy sports there are wide ranging sets of rules, and you must have a clear understanding what rules pertain to each one of your leagues.  Most leagues prohibit free agent pick-ups after the regular season end for example.  Below we are going to target a few things you would want to do to get your team in order before the playoffs start.
Make sure to have adequate backups – I can’t say this one enough.  There has been many a league I have participated in where a team neglected to back up a QB, kicker, or tight end only to have a guy go down.  As I stated above many leagues freeze rosters at the end of the regular season and if you don’t get all your positions backed up you are sure to float a 0 in whatever category that goes down to injury.  You don’t want to be the guy in the league who loses because his kicker pulled his nut sack trying to put on a pair of pants.
Don't get cute – Every year it seems I look at the starting lineups for all the playoff matchups and I see guys in starting positions that have no business being there but have a “GREAT MATCHUP”.   Listen people don’t overthink yourself.  Don’t bench Megatron because he has a top 5 pass defense and Percy Harvin is going up against the league’s worst.   Ride the horses that got you to this position!!!
Have Fun - Whatever that means to you.  Whether it is trash talking your opponent or inviting them over for a few brews to watch the games remember that Fantasy Football is supposed to be fun.  If you made the playoffs you should be happy you have a shot at the title.  Don’t flip over your flat screen if you don’t win it all.
I myself will need to re-read the above helpful hints as I set my playoff rosters in the coming weeks.  As I stated before HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 11 Injury Report


Miles Austin - OUT
Javid Best - OUT
Ahmed BradshawOUT
Mike Vick - OUT
Peyton Hillis - OUT
Santana Moss - OUT
Darren McFadden - OUT
Jeremy Maclin - OUT
AJ Green  - Doubtful
Montario Hardesty - Questionable

Felix Jones - Questionable/likely to play
Stevie Johnson - Questionable/likely to play
Frank Gore - Questionable/4pm kickoff
Julio Jones - Questionable/4pm kickoff
Beanie Wells - Questionable/4pm kickoff

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 11 Starts/Sits


Each week we put together the list of top starts and sits we see for the upcoming week.  We don't like to go with the obvious starts like Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson, instead focusing on lower end players the rest of the people in your league wouldn't be thinking of you.  This will give you that extra edge you need to win those close matchups.

Week 11 Rankings


With week 11 upon us we have put together another rankings list that should help you secure that ever elusive playoff birth you have worked so hard for.  There are some real gems out there this week that haven't been great options all year but are this week.  A few come out of Oakland with Carson Palmer and his new number one option Denarius Moore.   There are also some big time injuries that could be hampering your roster, such as Mike Vick and Matt Stafford, the latter it appears will play.  You have to be up to date on all updates leading up to the games Sunday if you want to have that edge you need

For last minute lineup questions hit us up on twitter here:  @coreyb3p and @dbystrak

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 11 Mailbag

By Fantasy Boyz contributor David B.

Week 11 is upon us and with that brings another edition of our mailbag column.  We urge you to continue the discussion below in the comments section and can always reach us on Twitter at @coreyb3p or @dbystrak


 I would go with Chandler in this match up.  The Dolphins are one of the worst teams again FFL Tight Ends and Fitz main target is all banged up!

Charles in Springville
Should I start Deion Branch or Denarius Moore?

Give me MORE MOORE please!!

Miyagi in Wisconsin
Deep ass league, reaching for gems here.
Jacquizz Rodgers or Taiwan Jones?

Is this a 46 team league??  I say Jacquizz based on the fact he has 17 carries over last 2 weeks.

Jokeman in Buffalo
PPR Pick Two:
Chris Ogbonnaya vs JAX
Roddy White vs TEN
Eric Decker vs NYJ
Percy Harvin vs OAK

Percy and Roddy.  Percy finally looks healthy and I want nothing to do with Tebow's WR, especially facing the Jets.

Mike in Boston
I just traded Early Doucet and Victor Cruz for Andre Johnson and Antonio Brown.
Good Move?

I just traded a bag of chips and a used tampon for a cold beer.... is that a good move?  OF COURSE IT WAS!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


By FANTASY BOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

With week 11 on the horizon FANTASY BOYZ SPORTS brings you yet another installment of our weekly waiver wire report.  The Wire is as thin as ever this week.  Below are a few guys we recommend taking an eye on.  Our Top pickup of the week is Harry Douglas who seems to really hit a groove in Hotlanta.  Keep in mind our report caters to larger league formats.  The leagues we deal with typically don't have top notch known players available.

as always we urge you to join the league above and feel free to follow us on Twitter at @coreyb3p and @dbystrak

Rex Grossman- Didn't do much in Sunday's loss to Miami but he was named next weeks starter.  If you are in a deep league and in dire need of a QB here is a last resort.

Monitor in the largest of leagues

Lance Ball- With Knowshon Moreno out for the season with a torn ACL Ball moves right into his role in Denver's new RUN EVERY DOWN offense.  While Mcgahee is cleared to play this week Ball still should be heavily involved.

Add in larger leagues

Jacquizz Rodgers- While Rodgers hasn't done anything special this season he has gone over 30 yards rushing in 2 straight weeks and seems to be Turner's primary backup. 

Monitor in larger leagues, Turner owners consider cuffing him with Rodgers

Philip Tanner- With Felix Jones out for God knows how long Tanner has been a solid backup to the talented Rookie Demarco Murray.  Jones has been anything but sturdy in his short career to date.  Tanner might be a nice cuff to Murray

Monitor in larger leagues, Murray owners consider cuffing him with Tanner

Damian Williams - Williams has been off and on our radar throughout the season since Britt went down for the year.  He has certainly burst back onto it with Sunday's 100 yard and a TD performance.

Add in larger leagues

Harry Douglas - With Julio Jones out early in the game the leading WR targeted was not Roddy White but none other than Harry Douglas.  With Jones seemingly on the verge of getting hurt every week we advise adding Douglas who seems to have a good vibe with Matt Ryan.

Add in Larger leagues

Sunday, November 13, 2011

WEEK 10 INJURY REPORT............

By FANTASY BOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Hello readers it is almost gametime but not so fast.  Why don't you glance real quick at those lineups of yours and make sure none of the below players listed as out are in your lineup.  The shocker of the week is Desean Jackson listed as out because of missing a team meeting.


Julio Jones - Active
Nate Washington - Active
Mark Ingram - Active
Desean Jackson - OUT - SHOCKER Missed team meeting - Bump Avant up your lists!!!
Hakeen Nicks - Questionable with a 50-50% chance of playing at 4:15
Mario Manningham - Questionable but seems less likely to play
Cam Newton -  Active
Steve Johnson - Active
Kevin Kolb - OUT
Beanie Wells - Active
Andre Johnson - OUT
Rian Lindell - OUT
Dallas Clark - OUT
Miles Austin - OUT
Ahmed Bradshaw - OUT
Joseph Addai - OUT
Sam Bradford - Active
Lance Moore - Active

Saturday, November 12, 2011


By FANTASY BOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Our Week 10 Starts and Sits contain many of the names you may not think of off the top of your head but this is where you win in Fantasy Football.... BY PLAYING SLEEPER CANDIDATES....  You also want to make sure you don't start your non Stud players who have terrible match-ups or nagging injuries.  For example Brandon Jacobs is the lone starter in New York with Bradshaw already ruled out but he is Facing one of the best run defenses in the league.  You may also be enamored with Marshawn Lynch after his fine showing last Sunday but do you really want to play him this week against the Ravens???   For our Starts we focus on guys like the newly anointed starter in DC, Roy Helu, the resurrected Reggie Bush and the explosive Demarco Murray.  All three of those players weren't on many radars 4 or 5 weeks ago.

As always we urge you to join the site above and good luck in week 10


By FANTASY BOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen 

Well hello Fantasy Boyz readers.  We are entering the nitty gritty of your fantasy schedule.  You are mostly likely in a MUST WIN situation and we are here to help.  Our week 10 rankings were painstakingly and thoroughly put together with your fantasy playoff chances in mind.  We have decided to wait on our rankings until Saturday unlike many of the other sites as to accurately integrate clearer injury status's into our analysis.    

As always we urge you to join the site above.

For last minute lineup advice hit us up on twitter at @coreyb3p and @dbystrak .

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello loyal followers let us not forget this is the beginning of the Thursday night games.  We here at Fantasy Boyz Sports love that the NFL is giving us more nights of football and it also can separate the men from the boys in terms of key matchups.  We have participated in many a league where players have forgotten about the Thursday game and had players in their lineups that were out or otherwise poor plays.   Our message to you is DON’T BE THAT GUY!!!!  Darren Mcfadden is out as well as Malcolm Floyd.  GET THEM OUT OF YOUR ROSTERS!!! Take a look below at our Thursday night breakdown.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


By FANTASY BOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Alex Smith, SF QB -  Smith has been much maligned throughout his career in the Bay.  Before the season it was thought that Smith would be replaced.  Fast forward 9 weeks and the 49ers are 7-1 and Smith is playing efficient football.  He isn't lighting things up but certainly could be some playoff insurance if you are thin at the QB position.

Worth an add in larger leagues

Donald Brown, Ind RB-  Brown received 16 carries Sunday and parlayed that into 70 yards.  Not spectacular but not horrible either.  Brown has also scored TDs in 2 of his last 4 games.  With Joseph Addai out with his latest ailment look for Brown to continue to get touches for the hapless Colt squad.

Worth an add in larger leagues

Chris Ogbonnaya, Cle RB- Ogbonnaya was horrendous Sunday with just 28 yards on 13 carries, but he is the clear starter in Cleveland for the foreseeable future.  He is also facing the Rams this week who are 30th against the run.  How often can you add an unquestioned starter at RB to your roster with such a juicy matchup???

Worth an add in larger leagues

Chris Ivory NO RB- Ivory seems to a late season bloomer every year.  With Mark Ingram out Ivory toted the rock 15 times for a respectable 67 yards Sunday.  With Ingram still Questionable with a heal ailment Ivory can certainly help a fantasy roster.

Worth an add in larger leagues

Torrey Smith, Bal WR- The roller coaster season for the young wideout seems to be on its way back upwards.  Smith stunned the Stillers with a late game TD grab.  With Lee Evans no where to be seen look for Smith to continue to be the deep threat in BALDYMORE

Worth a look in larger leagues

Jacoby Ford WR- Ford finally put together a solid game Sunday, going over 100 with a TD.  With Palmer still feeling his way Ford could easily become a go to guy.

Continue to monitor

Laurent Robinson, Dal WR - Robinson has been performing very well of late, and now with word that Miles Austin is again out with a hammy we think Robinson is a must add. 

Add in all leagues

Jake Ballard TE NYG - Ballard broke the hearts of chowderheads all around the country Sunday with his late TD.  This continues the fine play from this XL size tight end.  Manning seems to be looking towards Ballard quite often.

Add in all leagues

Jared Cook, Ten TE - Cook has the size, and speed package that most tight ends only dream about.  Problem is he is missing consistency.  He has been playing better of late.

Continue to monitor

Saturday, November 5, 2011


By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

With 8 weeks in the books the Fantasy Boyz would like to celebrate getting to the halfway point of our sites first season of existence.  A lot of work has gone into our articles and we have put forth a solid track record in regards to waiver adds, lineup advice, weekly rankings.  We also pride ourselves in providing a weekly rankings report so comprehensive that it includes all players on every NFL team that could possibly make a fantasy difference.  This week's report is no different as over 250 players were chronicled.

Please respond in the comments section if you have any feedback or just want to get a discussion going.  We again as always appreciate your support.  We ask that you join our site above.  If you have any last minute linuep questions hit us up at @dbystrak and @coreyb3p on Twitter.