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Thursday, August 30, 2012

View From 122....Bills VS Lions edition

By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Well just like that the Buffalo Bills 2012 Preseason is in the Books.  The team finished with an unspectacular 0-4 Record.  The games were filled with both physical and mental errors.  So much so that many Bills fans, who were brimming with confidence a mere 3 weeks ago, are now jumping off bandwagons all over Western New York.  While the team certainly needs to get their act together I for one still think the Bills will have a successful season.  Below I will break down the Positives and negatives.


Finally the first team offense had a solid drive to open the game and marched right down the field and scored.  They even did so without even using Fred Jackson.  CJ Spiller ran the ball with authority and appears to have finally learned that dancing around at the line in the NFL will get him nowhere.  Fitz looked very sharp picking apart the Lion's secondary with an array of quick strikes and a beauty of a fade pass to the corner of the end zone to Stevie J.   That is EXACTLY what I needed to see out of that unit to tell me to not panic about the offense leading into week 1.  Another positive is the emergence of former 1st round bust Leodis McKelvin.  It appears the teams massive patience with him may pay of in a solid nickel corner and stud Special teamer.  I also liked what I saw out of the offensive line as a whole.  I am confident this group will be very good and very deep.   Marcus Easley might have saved his spot on the roster with a spectacular kick return and a hard fought 2 point conversion. 


To me the biggest negative, as I am sure most fans will agree, is backup QB.  Tyler Thigpen is just not a guy that can come in and even keep a team in the game.  He is erratic and his throws flutter.  While he did have a better second half he was playing against 3rd stringers.  While in essence I like the Tarvaris Jackson trade I am also worried it came too late into the preseason.  I can't see any way possible that Jackson will be ready to contribute 1 to even 3 weeks into the season.  Gailey didn't even have confidence to put him out to run a 2 minute drill in a meaningless preseason game.  Add Brad Smith's groin pull and I am really wondering if the team can cut Thigpen right now.   Another negative was the over all pass coverage.  There were open seems everywhere.  I know the first unit was only out there for one drive and no one can stop Megatron but pass coverage has been an issue.  I don't see the linebackers having a ton of ability in this area. 

Overall view:

To me this was the best overall effort from the team of the 4 games and I see it carrying on to next Sunday VS the New Jersey Jets.  My overall prediction has been 10-6 all off-season and I am sticking to it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


By FantasyBoyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

So we gave you our busts so now lets give you a list of guys we feel will be undervalued in upcoming drafts.  While most of the below players are known commodities we feel they might not go as highly as they should.  Don't hesitate to get these guys at all costs

AJ Green - How could AJ Green be a sleeper you say???  It isn't so much a sleeper as the fact that Green could be a top 3 or 4 receiver this season.  We haven't been seeing him picked in that range thus far. 

Young will make DBs look old in 2012
Titus Young - Young has formed a real rapport with Matt Stafford and has clearly taken over as the #2 guy in the motor city.  With Megatron drawing double and triple teams Young will be running free and clear

Antonio Brown - It started at the end of last season and certainly has carried on to the preseason but Brown appears to be Big Ben's go to guy right now.  With Mike Wallace just finally showing up to camp look for Brown to see even more balls his way in 2012.

Eric Decker - Did you see the Broncos game last Sunday?  Peyton is always looking Decker's way.  Think of the #s 80, 1200, and 10 because those are his most likely season stat lines.

Cedric Benson - CedBen has never known what it is like to have so many open running lanes.  While the Pack will still air it out Benson will keep defenses honest.

Julio Jones - Roddy White still might get the fanfare but this beast of a man will produce and in a major way.  We like a huge breakout season for Jones.

Donald Brown - Brown isn't very flashy or exciting but he is the #1 back and with Defenses keying on Mr. Luck, Brown may have some room to run.

Stevan Ridley - Ridley clearly put his stamp on the starting spot in the Pat's last preseason game.  With Brady bombing the ball all over the field holes will be plentiful.  1000 yards and 5 to 7 Tds is easily doable.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Fantasy Busts

By FantasyBoyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Busts are a way of life in the Fantasy Football world.  Every year 1 or 2 guys you draft early end up not producing up to standard.  The key to fantasy success is avoiding these busts like the plaque.  Below is a list of blooming busts to steer clear of on draft day.

Maurice Jones Drew -  With MJD not even close to reporting to the Jags and the season a week and a half a way we don't have any confidence that Drew will be able to replicate his 2011 season in which he lead the NFL in rushing. 

Michael Turner - In our opinion Turner the burner has flamed out.  Turner is a slow and plodding runner who is a non factor in the passing game.  Let the other guy draft Turner in the second round

Ahmad Bradshaw - Bradshaw will most likely start strong this season but finishing is going to be the problem.  Bradshaw is a fragile player at this stage of the game and the Gmen drafted a young stud in David Wilson.  We wouldn't take Bradshaw any higher than a third RB.

Benjarvis Green-Ellis - The Law firm isn't in New England any longer.  The only thing he really has going for him is he is the clear #1 in Cincy.  His running style doesn't instil fear in opposing defenses.  He gets tough yards but will be keyed on a lot more than he was in New England.

AHHHH DON'T HIT ME..........
Ryan Mathews - Well what do you know the season hasn't even started yet and Mathews is already down with a pretty significant injury.  This guy has burned me in consecutive seasons now.  No way I am going to make it 3 in a row.

Philip Rivers - Rivers just doesn't have anyone to throw the ball to.  Robert Meachem?  PLEASE.  With Gates yet another year older and as we mentioned above Mathews already injured I just don't see Rivers bouncing back in 2012.

Michael Vick - Another injury risk here that we aren't willing to take.  Vick will not make it 14 games let alone a full season.  He is just taking way too many shots.  With the Eagles weakened Oline we are passing on Vick big time.

Vincent Jackson - Jackson took the money and ran all the way down to Tampa Bay.  Unfortunately his back account won't be able to get him the ball deep.  With Tampa instilling a raw power running game Jackson will get lost in the shuffle. 

Monday, August 27, 2012


By FantasyBoyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

With the NFL season less than 2 weeks away there are quite a few of you that have already drafted your fantasy squads.  Many leagues however wait until the last possible second to draft to avoid injury to their players in preseason.  I for one have not yet draft 1 team yet this season.  All of my drafts are this upcoming weekend.  Why litter your holiday weekend with Fantasy Football Drafts you ask(as well as my wife).  Reason being is I couldn't stand to draft a guy in the first round only to watch him go down in a meaningless preseason game for the entire year. 

Since many of you are in that same boat I have decided to quickly show you where players are going in mock drafts leading up to yours.  Below are the first 4 rounds of a 10,12, and 14 team league.  My team "the Dingleberrys" is noted.  I used the site which if you haven't used it yet is BY FAR the best in the business for mock drafts and the like.

10 Team League:
In this Mock I had the 5th Pick.  I was astounded to get Aaron Rodgers with Pick one.  I was also happy to take the risk in the next three rounds with injury risky but highly talented players.  

12 Team League:
In this 12 team mock I loved getting Brady at pick 6 and I think Julio Jones is going to be a beast.  Brandon Marshall will by dynamic being reunited with Cutler.  Not happy with my running back situation however.

14 Team League:
This is my favorite draft out of the 3.  Getting Stafford, Lynch, Nicks and Harvin gives me skill and depth across the the board.  With Stafford poised to throw for 40+ TDs my team should be dynamic and deep.

View From 122….2012 Outlook

By FantasyBoyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

With three preseason games in the books there appears to be panic building in Bills-nation.  Three straight lackluster performances, all resulting in losses has Bills fans wondering if they are in store for yet another losing season.  After 12 years of futility no one could blame them.  While the losses don’t install great confidence my strong outlook for this team and this season is unwavering.  Below are the reasons why I feel this team makes the playoffs.

Dominating Defensive line:
The view looks good from here
The Defensive line underwent a massive transition this off season with the additions of Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, not to mention getting Kyle Williams back from injury.  It is clear even in limited action this preseason that unit will be dominate.   Marcel Dareus has been like a bull in a China shop and will be tough to block one on one.  The key here is that all 4 starters are players that warrant extra attention.  Since there is no way an Oline can double team all of them there are going to be match-up advantages on every play.  This bodes well for a young Linebacking and Cornerback core.  

Ability to run the ball:
What is the perfect complement to a shutdown Defense you ask…. A strong running game.  The Bills proved they were more than capable of running the ball at a very high yard per carry rate.  The roster also contains two high end backs in Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller.   The best part is they both can do it all in both the running and passing game.  Add in Tashard Choice as a competent third back and it is clear the Bills will have no problem moving the ball on the ground.

Solid Offensive Line:
Looking at the names that man the Bills offensive line and probably none of them jump off the page at you.  The good news is the roster is filled with talented and very versatile linemen, which is not something that could be said about Bills teams of most of the last 10 plus seasons.   The line is anchored by Center Eric Wood who when healthy is Pro Bowl Caliber. Andy Levitre and Craig Urbick are solid guards who themselves can play multiple line positions.  Left tackle is now manned but stud second round pick Cordy Glenn.  In preseason Glenn has not looked out of place and won the LT position outright.  The Right tackle is still up for grabs between last year’s starter Eric Pears and last years starting LT Chris Hairston.  Either way the winner of that battle will be solid as will the line as a whole.

Strength of Schedule:
The Bills 2012 schedule is littered with very winnable games.  12 of the 16 games are against teams with either a losing schedule or an unsettled QB situation (7 of which with rookie or 1st year starter).   This bodes well for a team in the Bills that will most certainly bring pressure to the QB. 
All in all the offseason upgrades and schedule filled with winnable games I see the Bills as a clear bet to finally break that 12 year playoff hiatus and bring some excitement back to Western New York in December.  Nothing is a given of course but the people out there with a sky is falling mentality due to preseason need to take a step back and a couple deep breaths.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Your 2012 Draft is upon you and you have been tirelessly looking at your QB, RB, and WR lists.  Looking for the sleeper that will put you over the edges.  Well don't forget about Tight Ends folks.  the Tight End position has been revolutionized in the past 4 to 5 seasons, and it was all culminated in the huge breakout seasons for Rob Gronkowksi and Jimmy Graham.  The two studs performed at the level of a high 1st round running back and then some.  The Tight End pool is very deep in 2012 with talent so go get that sleeper!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

It seems like every year the wide receiver crop gets deeper and deeper, and  2012 is no exception.  The class is lead by man child Calvin Johnson but is deep with talent.  Stocking up on stud receivers early is a certainly a good game plan, especially in PPR leagues.  As the league moves to more spread formations and passing going through the roof there is no shortage of talent.  We don't see the pass happy offenses stopping in 2012, but instead continue down the road to more attempts per game.

Here are our 2012 Wide Receiver rankings:


By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Long gone are the days where loading up on Running Backs is the way to win your fantasy championship year in and year out.  With that being said you must obtain as much RB talent as possible.  With so many 2 back committees out there the key to it all will be to find the backs with the least competition for carries.  There are still backs that will get the majority.  You need to feel your draft out and not let runs on players dictate your picks.  Get the best talent round in and round out.

Below is our rankings as of today:

Monday, August 13, 2012

View From 122.....Training Camp

By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

It was a beautiful summer night Saturday at the campus of St John Fisher College.  Football was in the air and the fans were in full attendance.  The wife and I made our yearly trek down the 90 from Buffalo to the Bills training camp.  For those who haven’t made the trip it is something any Bills fan should do.  The Bills really have things there down pat.  The setup is great, especially for the night practices.  The fans have a great site line.
Add caption

As far as the practice went the offense worked very much on the running game.   The Oline definitely was holding their own.  Back was Eric Wood and Pears to the mix.  They didn’t take every rep but it was good to see them out there.  Spiller and Freddy J look as sharp as could be, with Spiller looking especially quick.  Johnny White looked especially impressive out there as well.  He is doing whatever he can to make this team.

In the passing drills none of the QBs were overly sharp.  Fitz had some nice deep balls to Hagan and Easley but the intermediate stuff wasn’t crisp.  Thigpen was off in all facets, underthrowing several deep passes.  Vince Young was ok but not great.   The QBs were forced to run gassers after the practice which should tell you what Gailey thought of their efforts.

On the defensive side of the ball they were focusing on pass rush techniques and coverage schemes.  Shawne Merriman looked very good off the ball, quick and explosive.  The rest of the line was getting off the ball hard lead by Marcel Dareus.  Arthur Moats looked especially quick in the coverage drills.  It made me feel a bit better about him manning the outside. 
All in all it was a great day and I am glad the Bills extended their stay at St John Fisher.  They really do the event the right way and it has kept me coming back year after year.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


By FantasyBoyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

As summer is coming to a close the smell of football is in the air.  The NFL preseason is already in motion.  We are starting our rankings with the NFL and your fantasy teams most important position... The Quarterback.  Fantasy football has changed along with the NFL.  As passing is up league wide and records are being broken all across the board the importance of getting a top end QB on your fantasy team has also increased.  Gone are the days where drafting Running backs in rounds 1 and 2 are a must.  Guys like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees can carry any squad to the promise land.  Below are our rankings of the QB position.  ENJOY...