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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


By Sean Tierney, Fantasy Boyz consultant

Here we go kids……  we’ve already seen who Bystrak thinks will fall on their face but who’s gunna rise up??
Here’s ten guys I think will be in line for a big fantasy year and maybe a nice pay raise in 2012……..
10. Zach Miller – now here is a guy that was a part of an interesting offense.  Sometimes the raiders looked like they had it…..annnnnnnnd most of the time they didn’t.   but he was one player that was an always reliable target for whoever was throwing the ball.  Now he goes to an offense that is basically a college style offense and takes over the starting job from John Carlson (who was announced today out for the season).  With big Mike Williams on one side and the newly acquired Sidney Rice on the other Miller will give the laughable NFC west defenses all they can handle down the middle.  Look for him to build on his career high in all categories
Still has a shitty QB but should continue to produce

9.  Jordan Shipley – for a guy that was on a mediocre offense (and still is) he hauled in 52 receptions and was the go to receiver on 3rd down during his rookie campaign.  With Ocho gone and AJ Green in the mix look for Shipley to act as AJ’s “Robin”.  He’s poised to have a big sophomore year.
Crap offense but not too much competition for targets

8.  Chad Ochocinco  -- how does Ocho make this list you ask… (see Randy Moss pre-Patriots).   For someone that’s a six time pro-bowler you would think “he’s gotta put up solid numbers every year”.  The reality is that he hasn’t eclipsed the 90 reception mark since 2007 and has only one 1,000 yard season in the last 3 years.  After a dismal year with the Raiders in ’06, Randy Moss went to the Pats and had a record setting year.  I don’t think Ocho breaks the 23 TD mark but look for him and Brady to mesh well and get back into double digit touchdowns.
OCHO will no longer be Stinko after getting out of Cincy
7.  Felix Jones – talk about a guy stuck in a crowded backfield.  He was the second fiddle to Marion Barber and at times Tashard Choice for his brief time in the NFL.  With Barber off to the windy city it’s time for Jones to take the reins and shine as the premier back in big D.
This burner finally getting the touches
6.  Steve Breaston – Breaston has normally been a solid 3rd WR option and played third fiddle to Boldin and Fitz in Arizona for a few years.  He had a career high 77 catches in ’08 but only took 3 of them for TD’s.  going into an offense that has Jamal Charles, Thomas Jones, Dwayne Bowe, Tony Moeaki and Dexter McCluster he should see plenty of single coverage opposite Bowe.  Look for him to crack the goal line more than double his career high.
The always solid wide out should see more balls his way
5. Dustin Keller – He’s been dirty Sanchez’s safety valve for the past two seasons.  Reliable hands and always seems to get the first downs.  He’s had consistent seasons of 50 catches and nearly went for 700 yards last year.  with Plax in the mix now that will move the safety over to either him or Santonio freeing up the middle for Keller to wreak havoc.  Look for him to surpass his career highs in catches, yards and TD’s.
Dirty Sanchez's favorite target
4.  Tim Hightower  --  Hightower was a TD machine in his rookie year of 08’ putting up 10 scores but mainly as a goal line back.  pretty much the same story in 09’ when he had 8.  The scores were always there but the yards were atrocious.  He’s been traded to Washington and now runs for a guy that knows a little bit about how to use a running back.  It’s his job to lose and so far this pre-season he has shined to the tune of 25 carries, 170 yards and 2 TD’s.  Sure it’s the pre-season but it could be a sign of big things to come.
Dreds looking tighter than ever in DC
3.  Jimmy Graham  -- when you look at the New Orleans offense, there are a handful of options that could have a break out year.  Graham is interesting though.  He’s in his sophomore year out of the U.  6’6 and a slim 260lbs.   he runs like a wide receiver and plays like an offensive lineman.  In his rookie season he put up 31 grabs, 356 yards and 5 TD’s in an offense that likes to spread the ball around to any one of their TE’s.  With Shockey out of the picture that leaves he and David Thomas.  Thomas is more of a stay at home run block guy where Graham will stretch the middle and shake off a LB for a big gain.  Look for Brees to find him often this year. 
Look for this lanky son of a bitch to tear it up!!

2.  Lee Evans – Being a Buffalonian, it’s always been tough to see this guy struggle.  Now keeping in mind that he’s never really had a good QB to deliver him the ball (not since Drew Bledsoe at least) or a receiver opposite him to take the pressure off (he took the pressure off Stevie Johnson last year……. see top 10 flops for him).  He broke 80 catches only once and 1,000 yards only twice in 7 years.  He’s never scored double digit TD’s either.  Going to Baltimore and starting opposite Anquan Boldin is the perfect medicine for his career.   He’ll be going to a winning team with a quarterback who just keeps getting better.  I’m pulling for him this year……..look for his long due breakout campaign.
Sad to see Lee leave the B Lo but could mean great things for his career
1.  Matthew Stafford  -- undoubtedly everyone’s #1 for 2011.  since being drafted in 2009, the face of the Lions franchise has played a combined 13 games and thrown for a little over 2800 yards while connecting on a total of 19 TD’s.  doesn’t seem right for the future star of a once dismal team now on the rise.  Stafford’s problem has been staying on the field.  In 3 games in 2010 he was on an excellent pace throwing for 6 TD’s and only 1 int, but his frail bones wouldn’t allow him to stay on the field.  I see him taking the bull by the horns and going off this year.  he’s the wild card for that team and possibly the NFC Norris division in what could be a surprise year for the lowly lions.
The Fantasy Boyz love Stafford's style on and off the field

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sticking with Foster....

So the Fantasy world is a buzz with Arian Foster latest hammy tweak.  The Fantasy Boyz are well aware that Foster's hamstrig problems date back to his college days in Tennesee, and have followed him to the NFL.  Everyone from Gary Kubiak to Arian himself are stating he will be ready to roll in week one.  Still it seems he is slipping in drafts the last couple days.  Is this drop warranted?  We here are Fantasy Boyz Sports think not.  The Houston offense is poised to be a juggernaut this season, with a solid Offensive line, a seasoned QB, and one of the top wide receivers in all of football in Andre Johnson.  There is absolutely no reason to think that Foster won't be a HUGE part of all this.  In an upcoming draft the Boyz are drafting in we are hoping to God and baby Jesus this young super stud is passed over so we can swoop him up at pick #4.  We highly recommend grabbing Foster's backup Ben Tate late in the draft to cuff just in case the hammy tightens up at any point.  Please  readers go ahead and do yourself a favor and get this guy as early as you can. 

                                                                                   Don't let your dimwitted buddies talk you out of drafting this guy!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

FANTASY BOYZ 4 round mock draft

With the help of a website the Fantasy Boyz frequent regularly, the , we bring you yet another mock draft to help you on draft day.  This draft in particular is a 4 round mock.  We wanted to switch things up from the last mock and use different parameters.  The scoring for this mock was a standard scoring PPR format. 

1 point per catch
1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving
6 point per rushing/receiving/passing TD

We feel this draft really is really indicative of how a normal draft would go down in a real life format.  Many of the drafts you see on so called "expert" sites so many times differ from the ones you encounter when drafting with your buddies in your local tavern/man cave.  The participants ranged from a few hardened big money players to a couple casual fantasy players.   The results were pretty standard from what we have been seeing in our many online mocks and league drafts this summer.

We strongly urge you to check out our message board forum located on the right hand side of the site.

Coming soon will be our live Ustream channel and pre recorded videos.    

Friday, August 26, 2011


Today the Fantasy Boyz decided to go ahead and rank the defenses.  We weren't going to because in all honesty we don't believe in selecting a defense before round 10.  We also are aware that year to year the top ten defenses of a year previous have a 50% turnover.   Unless your league gives big time points for things like low yards and points allowed we feel that you can do pretty good for yourself late in the draft.  Don't be the idiot who is grabbing the Steelers defense in the 6th round.  Keep in mind it is possible the last defense on this list could easily end up in the top ten of scoring for fantasy.......

Packers D/ST D/ST Clay and the champs looking to do it all over again
Steelers D/ST D/ST Here we go Stillers to another fine defensive season
Eagles D/ST D/ST Super Team's defense looking to be steller
Jets D/ST D/ST Lost out on Nande but still a kick ass unit
Ravens D/ST D/ST Still top 5 after all these years
Bears D/ST D/ST These Windy City Ballers can play
Falcons D/ST D/ST Could be a surprise 
Saints D/ST D/ST These Saints could be hellish on opposing offenses
Patriots D/ST D/ST If Haynesworth is off the chuckwagon he and Wilfork will be clogging the middle
Chargers D/ST D/ST Look for some TDs out of these guys
Chiefs D/ST D/ST Return game always strong
Lions D/ST D/ST If Suh doesn't murder someone defense should be strong
Giants D/ST D/ST Big Blue could produce
Cowboys D/ST D/ST Dez the X factor in the return game
Raiders D/ST D/ST Borderline starting unit
Dolphins D/ST D/ST Defense in transition
Rams D/ST D/ST Young unit could be a good late round pick
Texans D/ST D/ST If Cushing gets on another cycle they could be dangerous
Vikings D/ST D/ST Can Allen get his mullet ass back in gear for some sacks?
Browns D/ST D/ST Brownies improving
49ers D/ST D/ST Lost some bodies
Buccaneers D/ST D/ST Young team could move up
Bengals D/ST D/ST Only hope for hopeless offense
Seahawks D/ST D/ST Average at best
Bills D/ST D/ST Will get scored on so much will have lot of return chances
Titans D/ST D/ST Don't draft another Defense
Colts D/ST D/ST Colts could be in for a letdown
Broncos D/ST D/ST Not looking good
Redskins D/ST D/ST Disaster in DC
Cardinals D/ST D/ST Nothing to see here
Panthers D/ST D/ST Cant stop the run AT ALL
Jaguars D/ST D/ST Poz won't help 

If you take a Defense before round 10

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Below is the first in a series of 2 round mock drafts created by the Fantasy Boyz as we lead up until the start of the season.  This mock is particularly close to our hearts as it is of our very own big money league which is in its 11th year of existence.  The league is a Non PPR, with 6 points per touchdown pass, and 1 point per 25 yards rushing and receiving and 1 point per 50 yards passing.  A very TD heavy league.


The Fantasy Boyz have gone ahead and given you the most important pieces to your draft strategy.. YOUR WELCOME! BUT lets not forget about the Tight End position people!!!  We have witnessed and participated in many drafts where the Tight Ends either go too early or are not focused on at all.  Lets get this straight Tight Ends are a starting spot on most teams.  GET A GOOD ONE!!  Now don't go grabbing Gates in the second round or anything but we suggest you start looking one in say the 5th round.  Your best bet is to not panic and ride the first TE run that pops up.  If there is still a quality RB, QB, or WR still on the board grab that then get your TE on the way back through.. You don't want Anthony Fasano starting for you all season........

Hey man are Tight Ends important???

PLAYER, TEAM POS  FANTASY BOYZ BUZZ *note hot players in red and cold in blue
Antonio Gates, SD TE   Turf toes, pulled muscles, sore knees he doesn't give a shit he produces.
Dallas Clark, Ind TE   DALLAAS as Peyton likes to say better be healed cuz we are taking him high
Jermichael Finley, GB TE   If we didn't know any better we would have thought Finley was a cyborg
Jason Witten, Dal TE  This red ass could be the best value of all Tight Ends.
Owen Daniels, Hou TE  Poised for a HUUUUGE year if can stop being such a pussy 
Vernon Davis, SF TE  Garbage dumpster set of QBs keep VD out of the top 5
Jimmy Graham, NO TE  Lots of hype around this former B Baller
Marcedes Lewis, Jac TE  We don't expect same output of last year but still Garrards favorite
Kellen Winslow, TB TE  When this soldier isn't crying or crashing motorbikes he makes tough grabs
Greg Olsen, Car TE  Could get a lot of balls in Carolina's power game
Brandon Pettigrew, Det TE   This guy is someone the Fantasy Boyz want to steal late in drafts
Rob Gronkowski, NE TE  The best of the Gronkowski Bros won't get double digit TDs but will get 5+
Zach Miller, Sea TE  What a dumb ass going to Seattle.  SHOW HIM THE MONEY
Tony Gonzalez, Atl TE  The Greatest TE of all time is a Shell of his former self
Dustin Keller, NYJ TE  Was Sanchize's favorite target early on last year
Brent Celek, Phi TE  Vick said he was going to get him the ball
Chris Cooley*, Wsh TE   When not taking dick picks this guy makes plays
Tony Moeaki, KC TE  This nobody came out of nowhere to be a somebody last year
Jared Cook, Ten TE  Looks like a freak of nature but has hands of KY jelly
Benjamin Watson, Cle TE  Colts favorite and ONLY target
Aaron Hernandez, NE TE  Take him as your last pick if you don't have a TE
Todd Heap, Ari TE   This guy is toast don't bother
Heath Miller, Pit TE  HHHHEAAATH will get 5 TD but no yards
Jermaine Gresham, Cin TE  Sorry no QB to see here.. Keep moving 
Kevin Boss, Oak TE   BOOOORING
Visanthe Shiancoe, Min TE   Eh Mcnabb might utilize him but not holding our breath
Travis Beckum, NYG TE  Someone needs to be the BOSS in New Jersey
Ed Dickson, Bal TE  Last option on deep offense
Anthony Fasano, Mia TE  Henne likes to throw underneath ducks
Michael Hoomanawanui, StL TE   We hope this guy sucks so we don't need to learn his name
Lance Kendricks, StL TE  Don't you have 2 Tight Ends already?
Fred Davis, Wsh TE  Has about 1 good game a year
Tony Scheffler, Det TE  Hey we remember you… Didn't you play for Denver?
John Carlson, Sea TE   Miller told this guy to BEAT IT to 2nd string.  

Monday, August 22, 2011


Don't you start thinking the Fantasy Boyz don't care about their baseball because we do in a major way.  Let us help you bring home your upcoming championship.  Below is a list of some players that could be tolling on your waiver wire that might be that missing piece you need.

  1.  Placido Polanco - First the old man had a cranky back, then he pulled his twigs and berries and had to get a hernia surgery.  Word on the street is his jock is healed and he is coming off the DL today.  Prior to these setbacks Placido was an All Star hitman
  2. Aubrey Huff - Coming off a World Series win Huff had been more disappointing than a warm Pabst Blue Ribbon, but lately he has been coming around and at just the right time.  He also has dual position eligibility in most leagues.
  3. Casper Wells - CASPER WHO you may say????  This guy aint no friendly ghost to opposing pitchers lately, crushing 5 moonshots in his last 8 games.  Grab this guy DAMMIT...
  4. Jonathon Sanchez - This wild strikeout artist has broke many fantasy hearts and team ERA's this summer but he is coming off an ankle injury and might be one of the few legitimate starters available.
  5. Chris Sale - This lanky fireballer is not first in line for saves on the south side but he is getting the occasional chance to add to his low ERA and high strikeout rate.
Don't end up like this guy.... use our advice....


Now that you are ahead of the game at the QB and RB position let us now give you the draft edge at wide receiver too.  As the league continues it's pass first trend there are many receivers that should be a part of your championship roster.  Once the top running backs and a few top QBs are gone you need to start snatching up these sure handed speedsters(we are looking at you Pick 10).  We are not even opposed to doubling up and taking 2 pass catchers in the first two rounds depending on the circumstances.  Instead of taking Frank Gore how would Megatron look in your WR1 slot???  Yeah we thought so....

PLAYER, TEAM POS FANTASY BOYZ BUZZ *note hot players in red and cold in blue
Andre Johnson, Hou WR Last season showed he's still capable of being one of the most productive receivers in the league
Calvin Johnson, Det WR Yet to make more than 78 receptions in a season, This could be the year
Roddy White, Atl WR The potential dip in production due to Julio Jones will be offset by an offensive that will feature less run and more pass
Greg Jennings, GB WR   Another year of steady production with Grant and Finley back? Fuck yes
Hakeem Nicks, NYG WR Developing into one of the best WR in the game!
Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR In a PPR league, Larry is still a top option. He should benefit from a decent QB this year.
Mike Wallace, Pit WR This young stud will continue his rise to fame
Vincent Jackson, SD WR We expect him to produce like a No.1 WR this year
Reggie Wayne, Ind WR He's got Peyton throwing to him, dummy!
Miles Austin, Dal WR   A healthy Romo could help Austin achieve 09 numbers
DeSean Jackson, Phi WR Top Receiver on a possible DREAM TEAM
Dez Bryant, Dal WR   Could be the largest risk/reward option in this years draft!
Dwayne Bowe, KC WR Might not be realistic to get back to 15 TDs, but he will be a No.1 WR receiver with double digit TDs 
Mike Williams, TB WR Will break the 1,000 yard barrier this year despite playing for the Buccaneers
Jeremy Maclin, Phi WR   Maclin is a solid option as long as he gets over his mysterious illness
Marques Colston, NO WR   Solid number 2 WR, but how many knee surgeries can he withstand?
Brandon Lloyd, Den WR   Brandon who?  Former nobody becoming  a somebody
Santonio Holmes, NYJ WR Holmes should 'rack up' a lot of YAC!
Kenny Britt, Ten WR   A lot of talent, without a lot of brain!
Steve Johnson, Buf WR A known commodity this year
Percy Harvin, Min WR   A solid number 2 WR option
Wes Welker, NE WR Has he potential for a 1,000 yard year, if his clone doesn’t do it first!
Mario Manningham, NYG WR   Has big play capability, too bad Eli is throwing to him!
Anquan Boldin, Bal WR A streaky receiver who should end up as a low-end number 2 receiver
Brandon Marshall, Mia WR Will lead the league in catching "wounded ducks" for TDs
Austin Collie, Ind WR   Named the WR most likely to die from a crossing pattern
Sidney Rice, Sea WR   Would be higher on our list of a decent QB was throwing to him
Pierre Garcon, Ind WR Plays in a great offense and show "flashes" of  a number 2 WR
Santana Moss, Wsh WR Cant be more than a number 3 WR this season given the fact that he has no QB
Steve Smith, Car WR   His chemistry with Cam at the helm will tell the story this year
A.J. Green, Cin WR   Looked explosive in the pre-season so far, just wonder who will be throwing to him
Johnny Knox, Chi WR   Just because he is a the top of the depth chart, doesn’t mean he should be on the top of yours
Malcom Floyd, SD WR Floyd is a solid mid-late round pick who has potential for a 1,000 yard season
Mike Thomas, Jac WR A little undersized, but could be a factor in the red-zone
Chad Ochocinco, NE WR Good pre-season chemistry with Mr. Brady could mean a big big year!
Lance Moore, NO WR Poised for a breakout year, especially if Colston's injuries continue to nag
Jordy Nelson, GB WR Could catch 50 balls for 700 yards and 4 TDs in that offense
Roy Williams, Chi WR Could be a red-zone threat!
Robert Meachem, NO WR   Could get a pickup in catches if Colston starts the season less than 100%
Braylon Edwards, SF WR Could face and 1-2 week suspension and return to a mediocre passing attack
Julio Jones, Atl WR Has explosive potential! ATL could go to a more even attack further raising his value
James Jones, GB WR Nothing special besides the color of his jersey
Lee Evans, Bal WR Even after a significant decrease in production the last two years, he still has speed!
Plaxico Burress, NYJ WR   Has great red-zone potential, regardless of how many pistols hes carrying
Jerome Simpson, Cin WR Headed to a Number 2 WR role to a team with major quarterback concerns
Michael Crabtree*, SF WR   Worth a late round flier, he could catch 5 TDs with his walking boot
Mike Williams, Sea WR   Downgraded to the number 2 WR after Rice and at QB from Hasselbeck to Jackson
Deion Branch, NE WR Don’t expect a repeat of last season
Hines Ward, Pit WR Always a redzone threat. His dancing career is on the rise, but his football career is on the decline
Davone Bess, Mia WR A good bet for 70 catches out of the slot and to continue with punt returns despite the acquisition of Reggie Bush
Jacoby Ford, Oak WR   Plenty of upside but recovering from a broken hand
Mike Sims-Walker, StL WR   A number 3 WR boom or bust
Donald Driver, GB WR Could this be the year he sees the heat from the young talent eying the slot?
Derrick Mason, NYJ WR No fantasy upside to a guy providing backup to Burress
Steve Breaston, KC WR May split snaps with the first round rookie Baldwin
Jacoby Jones, Hou WR Has a lot o f play making ability and the potential for as many as 700 yards and 5 TDs
Nate Burleson, Det WR   The number 2 WR slot in Detroit remains productive, Nate hopes to continue that trend
Danario Alexander, StL WR Worth a flier in deeper fantasy football formats
Danny Amendola, StL WR Continues to impress coaches this spring. Has tremendous upside!
Kevin Walter, Hou WR Would take a Johnson injury to be noticed
Emmanuel Sanders*, Pit WR   Steelers number 3 WR hopes to be ready for the season opener
Jason Hill, Jac WR Having problems with the Florida heat, a lock for the number 2 WR position in Jacksonville
Louis Murphy, Oak WR   Has potential, but struggling to return from a hamstring issue
Bernard Berrian, Min WR Not much production forecasted out of the number 2 WR in MIN this year
Andre Roberts, Ari WR May be subject to a lot of passing packages not involving Roberts as a key role
Anthony Armstrong, Wsh WR Has is work ahead of him to hold off the competition for WR. We recommend staying away
Randy Moss, FA WR Worth a last round flier??? You tell us.
Greg Little, Cle WR Colt's arm is the limiting his potential
Antonio Brown, Pit WR A likely candidate to be on your bench all year
Roscoe Parrish, Buf WR   Could see steady number 4 WR production 
Earl Bennett, Chi WR   The other candidate to be on your bench all year
Nate Washington, Ten WR Big play potential…like three years ago
Titus Young, Det WR   Not worth a pick
Arrelious Benn, TB WR   Worth a flier in deeper formats, coming off of an ACL surgery
Steve Smith, Phi WR   The other candidate to be on your bench all year
Michael Jenkins, Min WR Not much value here
Mohamed Massaquoi, Cle WR   Capped by the weak arm of his QB
Terrell Owens*, FA WR   Still can run and still cant catch, but currently out till week 3 with no team
Jonathan Baldwin, KC WR Wouldn’t it be smarter to draft another kicker? 
Leonard Hankerson, Wsh WR Has potential but missing a QB

Sunday, August 21, 2011



By David Bystrak, Fantasy Boyz consultant

Lets take a quick second before our much anticipated WR rankings to talk for a second about the players that we will let other people in our leagues worry about.  These are the guys that make you scream at the TV in your local sports bar or man cave.  Let the douche bag picking after you select these headaches.....

Stevie Johnson- No Evans, No TE, No chance of repeating the same performance

Mike Vick- Turnovers started to appear later in the season and he has only played 16 games 1 time in career. Overdue for an injury.  We like our first 1 pick to play an entire season

Mark Ingram- Alot of hype, but not enough balls to make him worthy of a roster spot

Peyton Hillis- 2010's one hit wonder now has the Dreaded Madden curse to deal with

5 Mercedes Lewis- Never chase TDs when drafting.  Jacksonville's QB situation is a mess and there is zero chance of repeating those numbers

6 Mark Sanchez-  Sexy Sexy Mark Sanchez.  We're keeping him away from our fantasy team and our girl friend

7 Sidney Rice- Show him the money! and show him a huge drop off in catchable balls!

8 Wes Welker - We love everything about Wes Welker, but the additions of Ocho Cinco and Dion Branch make it very difficult for him to exceed 90 catches

9 Cedric Benson- You couldnt pay us to draft a Bengal

10  Javid Best- Who is more injury prone? Best or Stafford?..... Let someone else deal with this headache

                                                      Let this guy draft the above BUSTS!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yesterday Fantasy boys rocked your world with our top notch QB rankings.  Today we are going to knock your socks off with a running back rankings sure to give you an edge in your upcoming draft.   In Fantasy Boyz view we see a clear cut top 8 of sure fire first rounders.  After that you start seeing injury concerns and committee shares.  Getting one of these top 8 is as important as strapping in on space mountain.  In PPR leagues don't you dare sleep on guys like LeSean McCoy, Matt Forte, and Ray-Ray Rice.

PLAYER, TEAM POS FANTASY BOYZ BUZZ *note hot players in red and cold in blue
Arian Foster, Hou RB  P Fantasy Dynamo of a year ago does it again
Adrian Peterson, Min RB Praying to Purple Jesus is a good fantasy practice
Jamaal Charles, KC RB This young stud skyrocketing up fantasy boards for good reason
Chris Johnson, Ten RB Can this Tourettey speedster get a contract signed in time for week one?
Rashard Mendenhall, Pit RB Doesn’t care about Osama OR opposing defenses
Ray Rice, Bal RB  P Ray Ray is a dual threat 
Maurice Jones-Drew, Jac RB  P Has hamburger meat for knee cartilage but heart of a warrior
LeSean McCoy, Phi RB Not focal point of offense but still a baller.  Take him higher in PPR leagues
Frank Gore, SF RB Runs so hard he scares me.  
Michael Turner, Atl RB Turner the Burner is running out of jet fuel.   Still effective in Non PPR
Darren McFadden, Oak RB  Q Could be a super stud if he stays healthy
Steven Jackson, StL RB  P Solid, Boring, Low end RB1
Peyton Hillis, Cle RB  P Madden curse, seriously… watch out for it
Matt Forte, Chi RB Nice bounce back year after breaking our hearts 2 years ago.   Look  for a  repeat
DeAngelo Williams, Car RB Regressed 2 straight years but on rush first squad
Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG RB  P Has bionic legs but a tough little guy
Knowshon Moreno, Den RB Not buying the hype on NO shon
Jonathan Stewart, Car RB  Q DeAngelo ruins his no Achilles having value 
LeGarrette Blount, TB RB  P THIS DUDE DON'T PLAY, runs through or over you
Jahvid Best, Det RB Tootsies are 100 percent, if they stay that way is up to debate.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis, NE RB The Law firm will be trying opposing defenses in the court of football
Felix Jones, Dal RB If and that is a big IF he can stay healthy could have a breakout year
Ryan Grant, GB RB Keep an eye on preseason games.  If he fends off Starks jump on him
Ryan Mathews, SD RB  P Disappointing rookie of a year ago should get 200+ carries
Cedric Benson, Cin RB If he isn't in jail he will be facing 8 men in the box
Fred Jackson, Buf RB Very underated and clear starter for young offense
Shonn Greene, NYJ RB Would be rated higher without injury concerns
Mark Ingram, NO RB Payton doesn't care about fantasy football.  So many options on Bourbon street
Daniel Thomas, Mia RB This big man will find it tough running with Henne at the helm
Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB Will have to be in Constant BEASTMODE to make it happen in Seattle
Beanie Wells, Ari RB Beanie is a fitting name for this upright injury prone runner
Pierre Thomas, NO RB  P Rather eat freedom fries than have this guy on my team
Tim Hightower, Wsh RB Fumble machine looks great in preseason
Joseph Addai, Ind RB Wait the colts still haven't upgraded at RB?
Ryan Williams, Ari RB Was ranked here but he blew his knee out.  DON'T DRAFT HIM
James Starks, GB RB  P If Starks wins the job expect HUGE things
Mike Tolbert, SD RB Bowling ball full of jello could get double digit TDs
C.J. Spiller, Buf RB Handcuff Spilla the thrilla to action Jackson
Michael Bush, Oak RB Cuff to DMC
Brandon Jacobs, NYG RB Look for some TDs out of the weakest big man in the game
Ryan Torain, Wsh RB  Q Too injured too often
Jerome Harrison, Det RB Could get carries to spell Best
Willis McGahee, Den RB WHAT YOU TALKIN BOUT WILLIS?? 10tds?
LaDainian Tomlinson, NYJ RB LT a shell of his former sweet self
Ricky Williams, Bal RB Take a flyer on this blunt toking power runner
Reggie Bush, Mia RB So weak and so fragile could provide some spark to the phins
Thomas Jones, KC RB This jacked up RB is already knocking people out.  Too bad they are his own teamates
Danny Woodhead, NE RB the great white hype should be similar to last year
Montario Hardesty, Cle RB  Q Not buying what this guy is selling
Ronnie Brown, Phi RB Late round flyer if you must
Darren Sproles, NO RB Don't expect much
Rashad Jennings, Jac RB  P CUFF TO MJD MAN
Roy Helu, Wsh RB Intriguing late round steal?
Ben Tate, Hou RB  Q Eh
Anthony Dixon, SF RB Not much to see here
Shane Vereen, NE RB  Q Blah
DeMarco Murray, Dal RB  Q Keep an eye out 
Mike Goodson, Car RB  Q 3rd stringer 
Jason Snelling, Atl RB Cuff material
Bernard Scott, Cin RB  Q Could be valuable when Benson is arrested again
Toby Gerhart, Min RB AP is cruisin for a bruisin
Cadillac Williams, StL RB Steer clear
Derrick Ward, Hou RB Not many points to be had here
Marion Barber, Chi RB Running tough in preseason
Jalen Parmele, Bal RB Wont see time
Justin Forsett, Sea RB weak runner on bad offense
Donald Brown, Ind RB 1st round bust
Javon Ringer, Ten RB  P If you have Johnson get Ringer
Tashard Choice*, Dal RB  O could produce
Jacquizz Rodgers, Atl RB Jacquizzi aint so breezy
Mwelde Moore, Pit RB 3rd down back could get carries is Mendy goes down
Brandon Jackson, Cle RB If Hillis gets dinged could be in line for carries
Kendall Hunter, SF RB WHO?
Isaac Redman, Pit RB Could get a couple goal line carries
Delone Carter, Ind RB Not feeling it here
Alex Green, GB RB Wont get on field
Jerious Norwood, StL RB Sucked in Hotlanta will suck in St Louis
Earnest Graham, TB RB Old baller doesn’t have much left


In our first official rankings we chose to go with QBs.  Every other fantasy football site and their mother will tell you running back this and running back that.  Sure Studly RBs are a great thing to have but lets not sleep on the Gunslingers OK???  The NFL has been morphing into a pass first league for quite some time now.  Our assertion is that unless you get one of the top 4 or 5 RBs in the first round taking a top flight QB such as Rodgers or Vick will help you stock your trophy cabinets with championship hardware.  Our next posted rankings will be running backs.    Please send any questions to or follow us on twitter at @FANTASYBOYZSports 

PLAYER, TEAM POSFANTASY BOYZ BUZZ *note hot players in red and cold in blue
Aaron Rodgers, GB QBComing off Superbowl season, Top QB on our boards
Michael Vick, Phi QBRolling the Dice Vick stays healthy, if so possible top Fantasy scorer
Tom Brady, NE QB  PMr Bundchen as solid as ever
Peyton Manning, Ind QB  This is Peyton you DUMMIES draft accordingly
Drew Brees, NO QBBoring and effective this field general is
Philip Rivers, SD QBThis brash GUNSLINGER will win his owner's games
Tony Romo, Dal QBIf Tony isn't out chasing tail we expect a SOLID Year
Matt Schaub, Hou QBThis brittle man has a chance to be a fantasy stud.  DO YOU FEEL LUCKY?
Eli Manning, NYG QBThis is Peyton's brother you DUMMIES draft accordingly
Ben Roethlisberger,Pit QB  A family man, a gentleman, and refuses to get sacked.  Take him in the 6th
Josh Freeman, TB QBA rising star.  May BURST all over this scene
Matt Ryan, Atl QBRobotic, like a cyborg with a robot arm.  We likey the addition of J. Jones
Joe Flacco, Bal QBBig Arm, but not big brains, addition of Lee Evans gives viable deep threat
Matthew Stafford, Det QB Can this madman stay healthy?  If so could be top 10
Kevin Kolb, Ari QBThrow the ball to Fitz man,  JUST DO IT
Sam Bradford, StL QBSophomore slump anyone? Maybe not, But Maybe Yes???
Jay Cutler, Chi QBHeartless QB, not only on the field but to dump Kristen like that was just wrong 
Matt Cassel, KC QBNoodle arm but gets the job done
Kyle Orton, Den QBSee Matt Cassell
Mark Sanchez, NYJ QBSee Kyle Orton
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buf QBSee Mark Sanchez
David Garrard, Jac QB  Bad back and bad team
Colt McCoy, Cle QBColt improving everyday
Donovan McNabb, Min QBPurple is a good color to depict Donovan's play
Jason Campbell, Oak QBCampbell is what he is, and that isn't all that great
Matt Hasselbeck, Ten QBIf he is on your team it isn't looking good for you
Chad Henne, Mia QBYUCK
Cam Newton, Car QBPotential but not this year
Tarvaris Jackson, Sea QBTRIPLE YUCK
John Beck, Wsh QBWHO?
Andy Dalton, Cin QBGinger QB playing for an orange team.  Is looking terrible so far
Tim Tebow, Den QBGoing to church hasn't been working so far
Bruce Gradkowski, Cin QBTough guy QB could be in before long
Jon Kitna, Dal QB  PThe old man still can throw
Blaine Gabbert, Jac QBCould be getting sacked in the regular season before long
Colin Kaepernick, SF QBSomeone needs to play QB in the bay….. DAUNTE?????

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Thank you for visiting Fantasy Boyz Sports.  I know most of you have visited countless boring fantasy football sites throughout the years that offered you boring spreadsheets and monotone videos.  We here at Fantasy Boyz sports hope to offer you the same championship winning fantasy advice but with a twist.  We will post everything from draft rankings, weekly evaluations, start em sit em, and weekly videos.  We will initially be focusing on football and baseball but add content for all sports as we grow.  The creators of this site have been involved in fantasy sports since our high school days in the mid 90s and have been playing AND WINNING championships ever since.

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