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Monday, August 22, 2011


Don't you start thinking the Fantasy Boyz don't care about their baseball because we do in a major way.  Let us help you bring home your upcoming championship.  Below is a list of some players that could be tolling on your waiver wire that might be that missing piece you need.

  1.  Placido Polanco - First the old man had a cranky back, then he pulled his twigs and berries and had to get a hernia surgery.  Word on the street is his jock is healed and he is coming off the DL today.  Prior to these setbacks Placido was an All Star hitman
  2. Aubrey Huff - Coming off a World Series win Huff had been more disappointing than a warm Pabst Blue Ribbon, but lately he has been coming around and at just the right time.  He also has dual position eligibility in most leagues.
  3. Casper Wells - CASPER WHO you may say????  This guy aint no friendly ghost to opposing pitchers lately, crushing 5 moonshots in his last 8 games.  Grab this guy DAMMIT...
  4. Jonathon Sanchez - This wild strikeout artist has broke many fantasy hearts and team ERA's this summer but he is coming off an ankle injury and might be one of the few legitimate starters available.
  5. Chris Sale - This lanky fireballer is not first in line for saves on the south side but he is getting the occasional chance to add to his low ERA and high strikeout rate.
Don't end up like this guy.... use our advice....


  1. CASPER WELLS...I drafted him!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the advice, Fantasy Boyz! I did pick up Jonathan Sanchez this week - by the way, thanks for dropping him from your team so I could pick him up!