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Sunday, August 21, 2011


By David Bystrak, Fantasy Boyz consultant

Lets take a quick second before our much anticipated WR rankings to talk for a second about the players that we will let other people in our leagues worry about.  These are the guys that make you scream at the TV in your local sports bar or man cave.  Let the douche bag picking after you select these headaches.....

Stevie Johnson- No Evans, No TE, No chance of repeating the same performance

Mike Vick- Turnovers started to appear later in the season and he has only played 16 games 1 time in career. Overdue for an injury.  We like our first 1 pick to play an entire season

Mark Ingram- Alot of hype, but not enough balls to make him worthy of a roster spot

Peyton Hillis- 2010's one hit wonder now has the Dreaded Madden curse to deal with

5 Mercedes Lewis- Never chase TDs when drafting.  Jacksonville's QB situation is a mess and there is zero chance of repeating those numbers

6 Mark Sanchez-  Sexy Sexy Mark Sanchez.  We're keeping him away from our fantasy team and our girl friend

7 Sidney Rice- Show him the money! and show him a huge drop off in catchable balls!

8 Wes Welker - We love everything about Wes Welker, but the additions of Ocho Cinco and Dion Branch make it very difficult for him to exceed 90 catches

9 Cedric Benson- You couldnt pay us to draft a Bengal

10  Javid Best- Who is more injury prone? Best or Stafford?..... Let someone else deal with this headache

                                                      Let this guy draft the above BUSTS!!!!

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