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Saturday, August 27, 2011

FANTASY BOYZ 4 round mock draft

With the help of a website the Fantasy Boyz frequent regularly, the , we bring you yet another mock draft to help you on draft day.  This draft in particular is a 4 round mock.  We wanted to switch things up from the last mock and use different parameters.  The scoring for this mock was a standard scoring PPR format. 

1 point per catch
1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving
6 point per rushing/receiving/passing TD

We feel this draft really is really indicative of how a normal draft would go down in a real life format.  Many of the drafts you see on so called "expert" sites so many times differ from the ones you encounter when drafting with your buddies in your local tavern/man cave.  The participants ranged from a few hardened big money players to a couple casual fantasy players.   The results were pretty standard from what we have been seeing in our many online mocks and league drafts this summer.

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Coming soon will be our live Ustream channel and pre recorded videos.    

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