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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Fantasy Busts

By FantasyBoyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Busts are a way of life in the Fantasy Football world.  Every year 1 or 2 guys you draft early end up not producing up to standard.  The key to fantasy success is avoiding these busts like the plaque.  Below is a list of blooming busts to steer clear of on draft day.

Maurice Jones Drew -  With MJD not even close to reporting to the Jags and the season a week and a half a way we don't have any confidence that Drew will be able to replicate his 2011 season in which he lead the NFL in rushing. 

Michael Turner - In our opinion Turner the burner has flamed out.  Turner is a slow and plodding runner who is a non factor in the passing game.  Let the other guy draft Turner in the second round

Ahmad Bradshaw - Bradshaw will most likely start strong this season but finishing is going to be the problem.  Bradshaw is a fragile player at this stage of the game and the Gmen drafted a young stud in David Wilson.  We wouldn't take Bradshaw any higher than a third RB.

Benjarvis Green-Ellis - The Law firm isn't in New England any longer.  The only thing he really has going for him is he is the clear #1 in Cincy.  His running style doesn't instil fear in opposing defenses.  He gets tough yards but will be keyed on a lot more than he was in New England.

AHHHH DON'T HIT ME..........
Ryan Mathews - Well what do you know the season hasn't even started yet and Mathews is already down with a pretty significant injury.  This guy has burned me in consecutive seasons now.  No way I am going to make it 3 in a row.

Philip Rivers - Rivers just doesn't have anyone to throw the ball to.  Robert Meachem?  PLEASE.  With Gates yet another year older and as we mentioned above Mathews already injured I just don't see Rivers bouncing back in 2012.

Michael Vick - Another injury risk here that we aren't willing to take.  Vick will not make it 14 games let alone a full season.  He is just taking way too many shots.  With the Eagles weakened Oline we are passing on Vick big time.

Vincent Jackson - Jackson took the money and ran all the way down to Tampa Bay.  Unfortunately his back account won't be able to get him the ball deep.  With Tampa instilling a raw power running game Jackson will get lost in the shuffle. 

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