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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Every week the Fantasy Boyz dip into their mailbag to answer some of the more important Fantasy questions on your mind.
From Chris in Buffalo:
Big Ben @ Houston  Or Cutler VS Carolina?

Big Ben to Wallace all day long in a shootout!  Neither team has a good line, but I just think Ben has better weapons

From Elayas in Sao Paulo Brazil:
It's been three weeks so far and I still can't pick the QB that ends
up with the higher points. Same goes for TE.
This week M.Ryan (@SEA) over J.Flacco (NYJ) is as sure as it gets, right?
How about TE: D.Keller (@BAL) over O.Daniels (PIT)?

Flacco vs Jets?  I hope you know what to do here ( PSSSST.... Stay away from QBs facing the Jets DBs)
Keller vs Daniels? I would go with Keller.  Keller means more to Sanchez then Daniels means to Schaub

From Mike in Boston:
Greg Olson or Fred Davis at TE?

Despite a slow week 3, Fred Davis is the REAL DEAL
Kendall Hunter, Donald Jones or Victor Cruz at Flex? (I am starting
Fitzpatrick over Big Ben)

If Gore is out its Kendal all the way.  If Manningham sits then go with Cruz.  If Gore and Manningham play, go with Donald Jones

From PSUbills62 in Indiana:
I've already got Bernard Scott. I'm looking to drop Reggie Bush and
Mike Sims-Walker and pick up a couple of guys who can really help me
this week. I do have Frank Gore, so Hunter might be a good idea.

I'm looking at:

Kendall Hunter
Ryan Grant (available in our league - seems like maybe a no-brainer,
but he was on the downhill before this week, and now injured) Nate
Washington Denarius Moore Torrey Smith Julio Jones
Who do you suggest?

Kendal Hunter is the safest move with Gore, and Grant has some long term value with his coach saying he will get the ball more..... But if you are looking for help just this week I say Washington.  He is the only WR left, and will become Hasselbecks top target.


 Jimmy Graham @ Jax or Vernon Davis @ Philly?

VD is an ELITE talent (Go Terps), however I think Grahams match up plus the O he plays in gives him the edge.

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