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Friday, January 6, 2012

Fantasy Football Playoff pools

By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

So the NFL regular season has come and gone.  Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday we were putting together cheat sheets in preparation for upcoming league drafts.   Wow time flies, but as you are in the midst of cashing in on your league championship winnings, we are sure you are yearning for more.  Well get into a fantasy playoff pool people!  What you ask?  Come on all you need to do is nose around your company water cooler to find some guy running one of these pools.  What they consist of generally is you submitting a roster of players from the current playoff teams.  While you generally get to pick a list of NFL elite players there is some strategy to it, which we will discuss below in a few helpful steps.

STEP 1 Choose players on favored teams:
This step seems self-explanatory but there are definitely going to be those out there that don’t take this into account.  Players like Calvin Johnson and Mathew Stafford may seem too good to pass up, but when you realize it is likely they will lose to the Saints and only get one game in it makes them much less tantalizing.

STEP 2 Choose QBs on teams that will most likely go deep in the playoffs
Another obvious point but there will be people that take guys like Matt Ryan who likely will be sitting on the sidelines after wildcard weekend.

STEP 3 Go off the board with your picks
We all are going to take Rodgers, Brees and Brady but where you will really win this you’re behind the scenes guys like Ahmed Bradshaw and Darren Sproles.
All in all just like Fantasy football does to the regular season it makes the playoffs just that much better.  Especially for those like myself who are unlucky enough to root for a hopeless NFL franchise like the Bills. 

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