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Friday, March 23, 2012


By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen                   

Verlander will do it again in 2012
Today the Fantasy Boyz are focusing on starting pitching.  In many leagues the pitching position is neglected.  The Fantasy Boyz want to make sure that our readers don't make this same mistake.  We feel the best rosters are ones that are well rounded.  While most leagues do favor hitting overall a team that forgets to add quality arms is not one that will succeed.  The Starters are much like Outfielders in the sense that there is so much quality out there.  Our rankings slate how we will pick in our upcoming drafts. 

The top ten is easy lead by Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw and Roy Halladay but you make your money in the middle rounds.  Guys like Tommy Hanson, Josh Johnson, and Adam Wainwright will carry your pitching categories and won't cost you a top 2 selection.  Yes we know Johnson and Wainwright are coming off major injury.  Well the Fantasy Boyz are risk takers and we aren't afraid to add talent to our roster.  We hope you follow suit

Ian Kennedy - Possibility of putting up Cy Young #s

Derek Holland - High Velocity and will get more innings with the loss of CJ Wilson

Andy Pettitte  - Mark our words Pettitte will be an important member of the Yankees rotation in 2012

Steer Clear:
Ubaldo Jimenez - Hasn't been the same since first half of 2010

Michael Pineda - Will he be able to handle the Bronx pressure?  Let someone else find out

Jordan Zimmerman - We want production before we add him to our team

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