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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Aint Going out like that......

By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

In a 24 hour period it seemed as it was the end of an era for me personally.  Thursday night I flipped on the Yankees pregame show to see one of my all time idles Mo Rivera writhing in pain on the warning track in Kansas City.  My heart sank, was I never to see Mo close out the 9th for the Yankees ever again?  His press conference after the game seemed ominous.  Friday took another turn for the worst when it was reported that Beastie Boys founding member Adam Yauch had passed.  Two things I have loved since I was in school were suddenly gone.  I suppose this will continue as a get older.  More and more things will change and disappear that I have known.  It is the way of the world. At least Mo has confirmed he is coming back for one more year.  My childhood can continue...

To get back to a Fantasy Baseball perspective I hope all of you Rivera owners had the ability to pick up David Robertson.  Robertson immediately becomes one of the top rated closers in the game.  He has lightning stuff and hasn't allowed a run in a years time.  Robertson obviously should be owned in all leagues.


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