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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fantasy All Stars.....

By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

With All Star Voting coming to a close we wanted to put together our take on MLB All Stars from a Fantasy perspective.  Our list contains many names you have seen on these types of lists many times over, but there are also some players listed who have burst onto the fantasy scene in 2012.  If you have 2 or more of these guys on your roster chances are you are at or near the top of your league.

Catcher - Carlos Ruiz - .356 average - 39 runs - 13 HRs - 46 RBI - 3 SB

Chooch as his teammates lovingly call him has been a great defensive catcher with a little bit of pop his whole career.  This season something has come over him though as he is lacing line drives all over the city of brotherly love.  While we don't necessarily think he will keep up these lofty numbers all season but he has slowed down yet so we won't bet against him.  We are are particularly impressed with his .356 average and 46 RBI.

First Base - Joey Votto - .352 average - 50 runs - 14 HRs - 47 RBI - 4 SB

Votto is leading the way at first as he has been for the past couple seasons now.  With only 14 homers we actually expect him to increase his power numbers as the weather gets warmer and the ball starts to carry in Cincy.

Second Base - Robinson Cano - .315 average - 55 runs - 20 HRs - 48 RBI - 1 SB

Well watta ya know Robby Cano.  The Yankee second baseman actually got off to somewhat of a slow start in 2012 but has been on an epic tear leading up to the All Star Break.  Cano's 20 HRs, and 48 RBI are ultra impressive when coming from the second base position.

Shortstop - Ian Desmond - .279 average - 43 runs - 14 HRs - 45 RBI - 8 SB

It's good to be Robbie
Desmond was most likely a mid to late round pick in most leagues and wow is that paying off now.  He has always had potential but never has put together a season like this prior to 2012.  In a lineup that boasts some nice pop Desmond has actually been one of the major contributors to the National's success.

Third Base - David Wright - .351 average - 54 runs - 10 HRs - 54 RBI - 8 SB

Probably the easiest selection of the bunch Wright has been absolutely on fire all season long.  This comes in a lineup that doesn't exactly give him all that much protection.  Just like Votto we actually expect a bit more in the HR department in the second half.

Outfield - Josh Hamilton - .316 average - 51 runs - 25 HRs - 73 RBI - 6 SB

Imagine what this guys numbers would be if he wasn't a china doll.  As it is he is our 2012 fantasy MVP.  The RBI totals are out of this world and his 51 runs and 25 HRs are nothing to sneeze at.

Outfield - Carlos Gonzalez - .338 average - 59 runs - 17 HRs - 58 RBI - 10 SB

Cargo is tearing the cover off the ball this summer.  A true 5 tooler and is contributing in all stat lines.  He is a favorite for NL MVP.  His 59 runs and 58 RBi are ridiculous.

Outfield - Andrew McCutchen - .360 average - 52 runs - 16 HRs - 54 RBI - 14 SB

Wait a second no Ryan Braun here?  Nope Cutch is having a once in a career year in the steel city.  A .360 average along with 52 runs, 16 bombs 54 RBI's AND 14 SBs..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Nope Cutch has been that good this season.

Bet ya can't hit it.....
Starter - R.A. Dickey - 12 wins - 1 loss - 116 Ks - 2.15 ERA - 0.88 WHIP

ROBERT ALLEN FREAKING DICKEY..... The things he is doing this season have not yet ceased to amaze.  12 wins, 116 Ks, 2.15 ERA.   That Knuckler is dancing like a ballerina out there and it is so great to watch. 

Closer - Fernando Rodney - 24 saves - 38 Ks - 0.96 ERA - 0.72 WHIP

Rodney wouldn't even have a save most likely if Kyle Farnsworth hadn't gone down early with elbow problems.  Well this baller with a tilted cap has been lights out ever since.  He has been virtually un hittable in the 9th for the Rays

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