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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Get this guy while you can
Week 1 is in the books and now comes the time when you really make your money.  Sure your lineup is set with studs from your yearly draft or keepers but as we say there is always work to be done with your roster.  While your waiver wire probably is not overflowing with talent there are definitely some gems out there that can help strengthen your bench.   Below we advise who we think you should pick up.


Mark Sanchez - Owned in 12.3% of ESPN Leagues

While all the hype in NYC has been on what Prayer Tim Tebow read that day and if he does or does not shave his chest Sanchez did and said all the right things in the preseason.  He then proceeded to carve up a newly revamped Buffalo Bill's Defense.  While you probably don't want him as your starter he is a very solid QB2 at this point

Should be owned in all leagues

Russell Wilson - Owned in 24.3% of ESPN Leagues

Don't tell this guy he can't do something because you are only setting yourself up for failure.  Wilson won the Seahawk job out right and is another solid backup to add to your roster for insurance.  He didn't light things up Sunday but keep in mind that was only his first start in the league and will only get better

Should be owned in larger leagues

Matt Cassell - Owned in 31.2% of ESPN Leagues

Cassell is another guy that doesn't get any fantasy respect.  While he certainly is not an upper tier QB he is a Bye week gem when given the right matchup.

Should be owned in larger leagues


Alfred Morris - Owned in 18.2% of ESPN Leagues

In the ever complicated world of Mike Shannahan we saw not Roy Helu or Evan Royster get the Lion's share of carries Sunday but Alfred Morris.  In doing so Morris took the ball and produced big time.  Chances are you have room to add a guy that goes for 90 yards and 2 TDs on a consistent basis.

Should be owned in all leagues

Kendall Hunter - Owned in 8.1% of ESPN Leagues

While Hunter has only really been thought of as a possible cuff to Frank Gore he showed Sunday that he was much more than that.  Sure if you have Gore we think you should pick up Hunter right away but in deep leagues Hunter could be a nice Bye week Flex option

Should be owned in larger leagues

Dexter McCluster - Owned in 3.9% of EPSN Leagues

McCluster has pretty much moved to receiver full time this season but is intriguing since he still has RB eligibility in many leagues.  With that being said he could be a great flex play in PPR leagues.

Should be owned in larger PPR leagues


Kevin Ogletree - Owned in 49.8% of ESPN Leagues

Ogletree is probably the #1 waiver pick in almost every league nation wide.  He showed that he was up to the task in stepping up into the role held by Laurent Robinson last season.  He will continue to see single coverage game in and game out.  Don't expect 100 yards and a TD every week but Ogletree should produce some decent numbers.

Should be owned in all leagues

Brandon LaFell - Owned in 19.2% of ESPN Leagues

When doing this write up we were very surprised to see that LaFell wasn't owned in majority of leagues especially since he was named starter in Carolina.  He showed Sunday with 65 yards and a TD that that Owned percentage should be trending upward

Should be owned in larger leagues

Alshon Jeffery - Owned in 11.5 of ESPN Leagues

Wide Receiver is certainly the deepest position on this weeks wire report.  Alshon Jeffery is case and point.  He is a guy starting for the Bears potent offense and has rapport with Jay Cutler.  We envision stat lines like his 80 yard 1 TD performance quite often this season.

Should be owned in larger leagues

Stephen Hill - Owned in 7.4 of ESPN Leagues

Hill had a huge first game of his young career Sunday.  He had 89 yards and 2 big TDs.  Another young guy that seems to be a favorite target of his QB.  Hill will have ups and downs but he will get better as the season goes on.

Should be owned in larger leagues


Kyle Rudolph  - Owned in 9.9% of ESPN Leagues

Rudolph has a ton of talent and we think that by the end of the season he will be in the top 10 of Fantasy Tight Ends in most scoring formats

Should be owned in larger leagues

Mercedes Lewis - Owned in 4.4% of ESPN Leagues

Lewis had a down year in 2011 as Gabbert really struggled in the starting role.  With Gabbert really looking like a completely different QB Lewis could trend more towards the Lewis of 2010

Should be owned in larger leagues

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