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Sunday, November 4, 2012


By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

With a BYE week in the books and two weeks to reflect on what has gone so horribly wrong for this once promising season Bills fans have run the gamete on who to blame for what looks like yet another playoff less season.  It seems most Bills fans have centered in on Defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt.  Going into the season the defense was supposed to be a strong point and not a wet paper bag with holes in it.  The reasons for this are many, first and foremost Wannstedts inability to make in game adjustments needed to stop most NFL offenses.  With that said the NFL schedule makers are not doing the Bills any favors as they are in Texas today to play the AFC leading Texans.  Below are the Bills Keys to the game.

The Bill's problems on offense are only that they turn the ball over at most inopportune times.  Fitzpatrick is as negligent with the football as dropping a baby into a Gorilla cage.  Case and point the Titans game.  Sitting there in the stands I said to my friend the one thing he can't do right now is throw an INT, MOMENTS before a horrendous pass that seemed intended for the Titans corner-back.
For the Bills to have any chance Sunday Fitz must be flawless in this regard.  The Texans defense is unforgiving lead by JJ Watt.  The Bills can't be completely cautious with their game-plan however.  Fitz will need to make multiple plays.  With that said Stevie Johnson, TJ Graham, and Donald Jones must get open.  Everyone knows Jackson and Spiller are going to get their yards.

The Texans boost the best running back in the NFL with Arian Foster.  That does not bode well for a defense that has holes like a piece of aged Swiss.  The big news in Buffalo was Mario Williams getting a minor surgery on his wrist.  I am hoping that the wrist was actually the issue with Super Mario and he will miraculously start dominating games.  With listening and reading multiple stories about Williams from Texan and National sources that probably wont be the case.  Either way improved play there is needed and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Marcel Dareus also needs to get his game together.  While he is disruptive in the middle I too often see him pushed directly away from the run and a tractor trailer size hole is then opened.  Chris Kelsey gets big kudos in my book for calling out these guys in the media.  Someone had to do it and while Kelsey has his own issues, hard play is certainly NOT one of them.  The Defensive line stepping up will not be enough either.  The Linebackers actually need to come to play this week.  They have to be physical at the line of scrimmage and not 5 to 10 yards down the field.  They need to also hold outside contain as Foster has the speed to break runs around the corner.  The return of Ron Brooks is a great thing in my mind as there are possible options to replace the struggling Aaron Williams.  In a perfect world Brook's return would push William's to get his game together but only time will tell.

For the Bills to have any chance Sunday everything has to go to plan.  Chan Gailey would have to have formulated a perfect game-plan and the team would need to execute on this plan flawlessly.  A win would be a possible season changer but we just don't see it.  We see a Bills loss to the tune of 34 to 17

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