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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Harper Era Begins......

By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

News hit the fantasy wire yesterday earlier than expected that the most hyped phenom since Steve Strasburg(who ironically is starting this game) was making his debut.  At only age 19 Bryce Harper is making his debut tonight, as I type this actually.  Surprisingly Harper was owned in less than 30% of most leagues.  Well that has changed quickly hasn't it? 

Straight brims are BACK
What can we expect from Harper?  Well he wasn't exactly tearing things up in Triple A Syracuse.  I do expect him to produce starting caliber numbers right away however.  He has all the intangibles to make a difference even if he doesn't carry a high batting average right away.  His speed and power potential are enough to be serviceable as your third outfielder, and his ceiling is immeasurable.

Our advice is to pick him up immediately if he somehow is still available, and ride it out.  He may struggle early but don't panic.  There is always a chance he is totally over matched and sent back down to the minors.  If that does happen at least you were the astute owner in your league that took the chance on adding a stud outside the first few rounds of your draft.

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