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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Humber Perfection.....Big Comebacks

By Fantasy Boyz Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

What a day to decide to do nothing with your weekend but sit in front of the TV and watch Baseball.
It all started with a live look in to perfection unfolding in Seattle, as I was watching my New York Yankees getting smoked in Boston.  I was pacing back and forth in my attic as I watched each pitch by Phil Humber leave his hand.  It ended with the 21st perfect game in Baseball history.  (wouldn't you know it a guy in my league streamed him)  When Fox switched back to the Yankees/Sox the score was 9-5.  To my delight the Sox imploded and the Yankees took the game 15-9.

Let's talk about Humber for a second.  He was once a top prospect but floundered and is just coming off Tommy John Surgery.  Let's not get ahead of yourself on him.  He is still nothing more than a guy you stream in the right matchup.  I would keep an eye on him however.  If you do already own him why not hold onto him for a couple more starts.

Speaking of the Yankees they did receive some very ominous news on the Michael Pineda front.  Pineda has been shut down with another shoulder setback.  This does not sound good at all.  Don't be surprised to hear Pineda on the 60 day DL any day now.

Here is Humber's Final out (thanks to Fox Sports)

I loved watching this!

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