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Saturday, October 6, 2012


By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

We have now had close to a week to digest what happened this past Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  The Patriots game started with such promise and ended with such disappointment, but such is the life of a Buffalo Bills fan.  Disappointments are the norm and something we should just expect.  The problem is with being a true Bills fan each week comes with optimism no matter the circumstance.  We can't help it as it is built into our DNA.  We love the Buffalo Bills no matter what.  I know I was sitting in section 122 early in the fourth quarter cursing everything around me wondering why I put myself through such heart ache and pain. Telling myself this is my last year for season tickets.   Then today I realized we have a big game tomorrow!!!  The Bills will surely beat the 49ers won't they?  Well probably not but I will break down what the Bills need to do to win.


The Buffalo Bills will only succeed on offense if Ryan Fitzpatrick can find a way to cut down on the turnovers.  He does not have the arm, nor the accuracy, to be the risk taking Gunslinger that GM Buddy Nix calls him.  He needs to use that Harvard brain the media keeps forcing down our throats and make sound decisions out there.  If the throw is not there don't even attempt it.  This weeks match up is such a killer because the Bills most likely will not be able to rely on their strength, the running game, as San Fran is so stout up front.  The Bills need to make this a boring grind it out game.  Gailey needs to abandon his pop gun spread formations and get down and dirty.  Run the ball, use Stevie Johnson's ability to get open quick and work Chandler over the middle.  All this will need to be done without starting linemen Cordy Glenn and Craig Urbick.  Thankfully this year the Bills actually have line depth in Chris Hairston and Chad Rinehart ready to step right in.  The key for the Bills to have any chance this week is to make this game as boring as possible.


Bills need Williams to be dominant Sunday
The Bills Defense was an absolute embarrassment last week.  They were shredded on the ground and through the air.  The made no adjustments and played a vanilla nickel package no matter how many plays were going for big yards over and over again.  Dave Wanndstet's defense lacks any threat of a blitz at this point.  While the 49ers aren't a prolific offense if they are shown a basic defense that makes no adjustments they have the ability and players to exploit that.  Vernon Davis will have a field day in this scenario and Frank Gore has to be licking his lips all week.   The Bills must take chances, the corner-backs must press, and the linebackers must Blitz early and often. 


Flying across country to face one of the top teams in the league is almost an can't win scenario at this point.  The moon and the sun will need to be in alignment for the Bills to even have a chance Sunday.  With that being said these are the type of games the Bills come out of no where and make a game of it.  Still my prediction is not a good one.  I see the 49ers having an easy time of it to the tune of a 28-17 San Fran victory.

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