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Saturday, October 20, 2012


By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Bills fans across the country are still holding their breath after that gut wrenching victory in the desert.  A game in which the Bills had in hand and tried their best to give it away.  Games like this while exciting shouldn't be the norm in Western New York.  Bills fans have grown way to accustomed to this.  The only saving grace here is that the end result is almost always a Buffalo Bills loss, so we are heading in the right direction at least.  Well a new week brings another matchup.  Coming to town are the lowly Tennessee Titans.  While no other team has allowed more points (yes even the Bills) than the Titans, they are coming off a big victory against the Steelers.  Lets take a look at how the Bills will take their record to 4 and 3 on the season in this must win game

I feel like a broken record saying this but Chan Gailey needs to abandon this ridiculous spread offense and RUN THE DAMN BALL!!  Secondly make CJ Spiller the focal point of the offense.  It is obvious to all that Spiller is the better player.  This is absolutely no shot and Freddy by any means as he is still a great player in his own right.  With that said enough with this 50-50 split.  Feed Spiller the ball early and often.  Work in Freddy for the tough inside running and the Bills are in business.  Don't put the game in the hands of Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Fitz showed again last week that he would be an MVP candidate if the bills employed 9 foot tall wide receivers.  Run the ball down their throats and then run it some more.  In this scenario Fitzpatrick could actually succeed.  The Bills don't need high yardage days out of Fitz as those days, while they do produce TDs also come along with league leads in interceptions.  If both Spiller and Jackson have 15+ carries Sunday I like the Bill's chances of victory.

Finally in Arizona the defense awoke from their slumbers and came to play.  Mario's wrist wasn't a talking point and Kevin Kolb left the game seeing stars.  More of the same is needed this week as Geriatric Matt Hasslebeck comes to town.  The front 4 needs to do their thing and get in his face early and often.  The move to starter for Nigel Bradham is huge for this team as he is bigger, faster, and has more of a feel for the Outside Linebacker spot over Arthur Moats.  The Bills need that out of their linebackers.  Look for Bradham, Sheppard, and Barnett to be all over Chris Johnson.  The improved play of the front four will leave them free to target the CJNOK all day long.  Coming off his Defensive player of the week award Jarius Byrd will be spying the weak armed Hasslebeck all game long.  Expect at least 1 pick for Byrd.

Momentum is in the Bills favor this week and coming home after an extended road trip is just what the doctor ordered.  We like this match-up for the Bills as they desperately need to win this game to get over the 500 mark before a dreaded 2 game span against the Pats and Texans.  We predict this will happen in a big way Sunday to the tune of a 28-13 Bills Victory

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