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Saturday, October 13, 2012


By FANTASYBOYZ Editor in Chief Corey Bugenhagen

Mario needs to start being SUPER
Bills fans all around the world are still licking their wounds after the beat-down of epic proportions given to our beloved Bills at the hands of the 49ers.  The loss was an utter embarrassment, with running holes the size of semi trucks and wide receivers running free all over the field.  What a difference less that 2 weeks makes huh.  Just a week earlier the team was about to go up 28-7 against the Patriots and now it seems all hope is lost.  With that said here are the keys for the Bills to getting their season back on track in the desert.


With the offensive line now in shambles with injuries to Glenn, Urbick, and Rinehart the Bills may have to turn to journeyman Randy Wells off the scrap heap.  This isn't good news as the Cardinals sport a very solid defense and get after the QB.  With that said why don't the Bills finally help out their line and incorporate a power running attack.  Fitzpatrick has proven that he cannot be trusted to win games and trying to put it in his hands it is a horrible mistake.  To win Sunday the team needs both FJax and Spiller to both have 15+ carries and 75+ yards. 


Not even sure where to start after watching one of the worst displays in the history of the NFL last Sunday.  The defensive scheme is not working.  The vanilla looks they are giving opposing offenses are being blown up in their faces.  With that said the Cardinal offense can be shut down.  Mario Williams needs to show up and earn some of that 100 million dollars he is being given.  When a defense pressures Kevin Kolb good things can happen.  The linebackers and corners need to step up as well.  Their putrid play,  missed coverage assignments and poor tackling cannot continue.  The defense must take more chances in the blitz game.


It is hard to have a good outlook after 2 straight ass kickings but with that said the Bills have way too much talent for this to continue.  With the word out of Arizona that the time on the road has brought the team together one must hope that also means they will hold themselves more accountable on the field.  As bad as things are in Bills land a win Sunday can bring them back to .500 at a 3-3 record.  The Cardinals are not nearly as impressive as their record shows.  Many will probably call me crazy but I am calling an upset for the Bills Sunday with a score of a 21-14 and a Buffalo Bills win.

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